9 Best Recessed Lighting for Bathroom/Shower 2022(Tried&Tested)

People often overlook the lighting plan for their bathroom/shower. You may see only one overhead light, which is inadequate as it can’t illuminate every area. But your tub, toilet, sink area, or vanity needs illumination too. That’s why this wet-rated recessed lighting is the best lighting solution for your bathroom/shower.

Recessed lighting brings style and best function to your bathroom space with its sophisticated and clean appearance that blends with the décor. Moreover, you can install recessed lights over the tube areas and within shower stalls, unlike other regular lighting fixtures.

But, making the right choice may not be easy. So, this review comes as your guide on the best-recessed lighting for the bathroom/shower. Our top pick is the LURITE 5/6” LED RECESSED RETROFIT DOWNLIGHT. Also, we reviewed other good products. So, let’s check them out!

9 Best Recessed Lighting for Bathroom & Shower Reviews

1.TORCHSTAR E-Lite Series 4 Inch Ultra Thin LED Recessed Lights

TORCHSTAR E-Lite recessed lighting is our top best-recessed lighting for bathrooms due to its unique features. The fixture has an ultra-slim design that makes it a great option for narrow ceilings that can’t accommodate a can. In addition, the light requires just 2′′ of spacing within the ceiling.

The system comes with a reliable waterproofing feature that protects it from water and moisture. So, it’s an ideal light for showers outdoors. And other damp locations. Being IC-rated makes enables makes it compatible with insulation without causing overheating or fire outbreaks.

The installation process for TORCHSTAR is quite simple and easy. With metal spring clips, you can conveniently clamp the fixture to your ceilings faster.

Furthermore, this lighting system is highly dimmable. It allows the dimming range of 10% to 100%. Also, it’s compatible with several dimmers. Besides being used in bathrooms, a fixture is a perfect option in lighting garages, kitchens, hallways, and other areas.

Moreover, this recessed light is durable. It boasts over 40,000 hours of lifespan. It remains the right and great lighting choice for your bath space and home. Being Energy star listed makes it quite energy-efficient as it can save your electricity cost.

The shortfall of this light fixture is that the junction box can be quite flimsy.

Main features

  • 6 packs lighting system
  • With J-Box
  • Dimmable
  • ETL and Energy Star listed


  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Reliable waterproofing
  • Ultra-slim and modern design


  • Junction box quite flimsy

2.Ensenior 12 Pack 6” Ultra-Thin Led Recessed Light

If you have a passion for affordable and superior lights with a perfectly functioning system, this Ensenior is for you. They are reliable with a sleek and seamless look. It comes with a 3 selectable temperature design. So, you can set its light to either 5000k daylight, 4000k cool white, or 3000k warm white. All you need to do is click on the box’s side to select your desired color option.

With the junction box, this ultra-thin recessed light is protected. Also, it’s compatible with various dimmers available in the market. Its ultra-thin structure is just 0.47′′ and needs 2′′ ceiling spaces. It fits diverse ceilings and joists. Its recessed can is not a hindrance to your choice.

This product offers wide application. With its 5% to 100%smooth dimming, ultra-thin structure, adequate damp location, you can fix it on your kitchen, office, home, bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

Ensenior 12 Pack 6” uses the new generation material to deliver the maximum user experience. The 80+CRI technology delivers true color brightness to your home. It has lower power, and higher lumens LED chip, using its 1050lm to absorb only 12 watts and still produce high brightness. So, you can save about 88% on energy costs. In addition, its frosted LED lens ensures anti-glare as well as scratch-resistant capabilities.

This canless 12 Pack 6” light has energy star certification, ETL, IC rated, and its wire terminal is UL-certified. As a result, it can have contact with ceiling insulations. This shows that its junction box has thermal protection.

In addition, installing this recessed light is not technical but simple. All you need is an opening of your ceiling with a 1.1 hole template. Then, link the junction box to the wires, and fix it on your ceiling with a spring clip.

The downside of this fixture is that its lights are yellowish instead of the pictured white.

Main Features

  • Ultra-thin recessed lighting
  • No noise and flicker
  • 1050LM high brightness
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-glare
  • 0.47 Lightweight
  • 2700k-6000k connector: 2 pins
  • 3CCT/5CCT connector: 3 pins


  • Easy installation
  • Energy saving
  • Thermal protection
  • Offers wide application


  • The lights seem more yellow and dimmer

3.HALO Recessed 70PS 6” Trim Wet Location, Air-Tite Trim

This fixture offers an amazing halo experience to your bathroom. So, if you are looking for functional and affordable recessed lights, the Halo Recessed 70PS 6” trim is perfect for you. It is the best way to tone down those over-bright bulbs. It looks good and diffuses the blinding bright lights. This makes your environment more pleasant, especially with its non-tinted frosted glass.

The cover fits tight on the ceiling with a sturdy plastic and foam ring. As a result, the fitting is perfect around the housing and makes sure that no light can escape around its rim area.

It comes under the wet-location listing. Also, its polymer trim is non-corrosive and non-conductive. The Air-Tite design will make sure you save a lot on heating costs.

The only downside is that the color is more off-white instead of white.

Main Features

  • Albalite lens with frosted glass
  • Air-tite listed
  • Wet-location listed
  • Torsion-spring retention
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive polymer trims


  • Modern style
  • Not expensive
  • Easy to install


  • Not white but more off-white


4.OBSESS 3” LED Recessed Ceiling Light

Are you searching for the ideal recessed lighting for your showers? This OBSESS 3” LED Recessed Ceiling Light is your best option. It is designed by a well-known manufacturer for modern luxury and high-quality light fixtures.

OBSESS 3-inch recessed light is the perfect solution to your wet locations. It is dust-proof and waterproof with a 45o condenser, 3” cutout, 4000k anti-glare neutral light spay white. Thus, you can comfortably install them in your shower room and bathroom as well as other damp locations.

With its IC rating, as the internal IC degree gets to 302o F (150o C), its drive cuts off automatically. The merged cut-off switch makes sure that this fixture will never overheat. Thus, your home is protected from fires and overheating caused by fiery light fixtures.

The unit has an air-tight design. This means that air cannot pass through the ceiling to cause energy loss or thermal problems. It’s dimmable to the range of 5 to 100%. So, you can dim the downlight when you connect the light fixtures to a LED dimming switch. When switched ON, there’s no need for warm-up time, no pausing, humming, or flickering; rather, it comes on immediately.

Rugged aluminum junction box/lamp body makes sure that this particular recessed light is corrosion resistant and dissipates heat.

The main downside is that it doesn’t come with an extension cable.

Main Features

  • 4 color system
  • Aluminum material
  • IP65/IP54 waterproof
  • CRI>90 perfect vision effect
  • 3000k/4000k color temperature
  • 600,000 operating hours
  • 600LM lumen
  • 7watts and 110v AC power supply


  • Perfect for wet locations
  • Dimmable
  • Long life-span
  • Excellent vision


  • No extension cable

5.Globe Electric 90973 4-Inch IC Rated Bathroom Recessed Lighting Kit

This IC-rated product is ideal for ensuring maximum brightness and style to your home interior or commerce. It has a tempered frosted glass design, which emits a soft, non-direct glow ideal for bathrooms and other areas.

The light is easy to install with its licensed PUSH-N-CLICK. They are adjustable as well as extended to grasp uneven surfaces. Also, it offers effortless tool-free installation.

 It is IC-rated. Thus, you can use the kit together with the LED bulb. The merged cut-off switch ensures that the Globe Electric 90973 4” recessed light won’t overheat. Also, you can use it with or without an insulation box.

The construction is sturdy with galvanized steel. Also, there’s an extensive and convenient electrical box with changeable tempered steel clips and side panels. With this aluminum housing, this product is sure to last for a very long time. In addition, the housing has thermal protection certification.

This product is also damp-rated, making it the perfect option for wet locations such as bathrooms and showers. With its waterproof sealant, the light bulbs are protected from dampness. The waterproof sealant is pre-installed within the light’s trim kit.

The frosted glass features shine an indirect radiance which is ideal for bright mood light. Furthermore, you can completely dim the light with a dimmer switch for the best ambiance and mood.

Its downside is in the wiring. You may make lots of mistakes before getting it right.

Main Features

  • Wide licensed push-n-clips
  • A thermal cut-off switch
  • Longer shaft feature
  • Adjustable side panel with huge electrical box
  • 4 Bi-pin base 6.5-watt GU10 MR16 LED bulbs


  • Easy installation process
  • Money and time saving
  • 5 years warranty provision


  • The wiring is a bit tricky

6.NICOR Lighting 6” White Recessed Shower Trim with Albalite Lens

Do you want to add more elegance to your bath space or shower? Go for Nicor 6” recessed wet location ranked shower trim. It is your best budget lighting system.

 Its glass lens is designed with long-lasting Albalite and steel construction for even light distribution and maximum coverage. It also has a diffuser to direct and soften the light.

You can get the light in 4 finishes. Moreover, this 6” trim delivers a beautiful and smooth light inside your shower. You can also use them for your closet, bathroom, and covered patios.

NICOR recessed light trims are created to suit standard 6” housings with the available torsion springs for installation. You can get this fixture in 4 finishes, namely oil-rubbed bronze, white, nickel, and bronze.

The measurement is 8” diameter with a 5.25” glass lens hole perfect for every wet location, outdoor patios, and closet. Besides, it matches perfectly with any 6” NICOR’s recessed housing.

Its downside is that it cannot fit snugly in the ceiling.

Main Features

  • Albalite lens
  • Torsion v-spring clips included
  • 120 voltage


  • Excellent, innovative, and reliable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Illuminates brighter
  • Effortless to install


  • It seems to have a little issue fitting the ceiling snugly

7.Lithonia Lighting 40k M6 6SL RD 07LM 4000k 90CRI MW 6” Dimmable LED Module

The perfect recessed light with speakers for wet locations is the Lithonia lighting. It is among the initial LED music recessed light fixtures which you can effortlessly install within your present recessed housing. It delivers brilliant light as well as a high-quality sound simultaneously.

The wireless speaker downlight consists of 40k cool white and 700 lumens output. Also, it’s dimmable and compatible with Bluetooth. You can pair this award-winning LED speaker light with at least 8 devices and control it from 30 feet away.

You can easily connect this device and play it in only 4 effortless steps. And it is also compatible with the Amazon Echo. The design is for wet areas. So you can conveniently install it outdoors and in your bath space.

The speaker light emits amazing-sounding music that can last for 6 hours when you switch off the light. You only need 4 hours for the light to be on for full charging.

E26 adaptors are available to ensure the easy installation of its module into the existing housing. With the highest incandescent dimmers, this light can be dimed to 10%. Even when it dims down completely, it charges the Bluetooth speaker.

The warranty provision is not as much as the others.

Main Features

  • Wet location listing
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • 4 installation steps
  • 700LM lumen output and cool white 4000k lighting
  • Triac Dimmers
  • Air-tight and ETL certified


  • Higher light output
  • Can conveniently pair with other light fixtures
  • The music can last for 6 hours when the light is off
  • Easy installation


  • Limited warranty provision

8.JULLISON 4-Inch LED Smart Slim Recessed Pot Light

For that sleek, functional, and sophisticated lighting appearanceJullison 4-inch smart recessed pot light is for you. With the voice control and Smart Life application, you’re in for a grand and relaxing experience. It works for the patio, corridor, garage, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom.

You can control this device with your voice through Google Assistant and Alexa. You only need to pair it with a mobile running system such as iOS 8.0, Android 4.1, or the higher. Also, you can operate it with a higher 2.4G signal.

With the Free Smart Life Application, you can comfortably control its smart downlight from far off via your tablet or smartphone. There is no need for HUB. Moreover, you can switch this wifi recessed light to the particular color you want.

The 2700k-6000k and RGB turnable white temperatures enable you to change your light setting. It has a range from 2700k warm light to 6000k daylight temperature. The lighting system can change up to 16M colors. You can dim the lighting from 1% – 100% through APP/Voice.

This brand brings more fun to your home with its music, timer, and group control sync. It can be group controlled for various room settings. Also, you can use its 38 scene mode, as well as the automatic ON/OFF. It plays the music or game sound in your device through the Tuya Smart Application or Smart Life Application.

It is IC-rated and has a canless solution for easy installation. It doesn’t require traditional trim/can or housing for drywalls and insulated ceilings. Also, it is ideal for remodel applications, retrofit, and new construction.

The downside is that its LED drivers will require upgrades to function adequately.

Main Features

  • Fast connectors with remote junction box
  • Group control, Music, and timer Sync
  • 9 watts and 600 lumens downlight
  • APP control
  • Canless solution
  • Voice control
  • 120VAC


  • Quality assurance and energy saving
  • Passed the electromagnetic Interference tests
  • It lasts for a very long time


  • The LED drivers require upgrading

9.LURITE 5/6′′ LED Recessed Retrofit Downlight

The LURITE 5/6” recessed light is the best option for bath space housings and is perfect for retrofit installations. It has a smooth design and is ideal for sophisticated home settings. You can use it in your closet, porch, patio, basement, garage, living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Moreover, its light is brighter than other incandescent recessed lightings. Also, it comes with a broad flood beam to ensure better efficient lighting.

With its dimmable feature, you can control the brightness of the light. This feature allows from 100-10% lighting production. You don’t have to worry about flickering or other problems. Due to its wet area rating, these LURITE recessed LED lights are perfect for showers, eaves, and other outdoor or indoor locations.

LURITE 5/6” has 5 ideal color temperature options. With the easy-to-use switch attached to its back, you can switch your light to any color temperature. The different colors are 5000K bright white, 4000Kcool white, 3500K natural white, 3000K soft white, or 2700K warm white. In addition, you can adjust your ceiling can lighting to suit the 5 color temp until you can get the adequate light option.

You can install this product easily with the retrofit kit. This feature ensures the fast installation of any outdoor/indoor 5/6” can housing. Also, it comprises full LED recessed lighting and screw-in metal tabs. The E26 base adapter helps you to complete the flush-to-ceiling finishing.

You only need to reduce your power usage to 84% as you change your 90 watts brilliant light bulb with the 14 watts LED Lurite recessed trim lighting. Moreover, this recessed light offers 50,000 hours lifespan. This means that you don’t have to replace your Lurite light for a long time.

The downside side is during the installation process. It doesn’t set up as easily as presumed.

Main Features

  • 5 colors option
  • Easy to use switch
  • LED retrofit kit
  • Metal tabs and an E26 base adapter
  • Dimmable
  • 50,000 hours lighting lifespan
  • Foam gasket and baffle trim
  • CRI90 and ETL listed


  • Modern style and reliable lighting
  • Constant light for 45 years
  • Quick and simple to install
  • 5 years warranty provision


  • The installation might be a bit tricky


  • Do I need special recessed lights for the bathroom?

Due to its wet condition, you need a light with a lens covering to use it over the toilet or tub. So go for the unique shower trim that has a built-in lens.

  • How far apart should recessed lights be in a bathroom?

You should divide the height of the ceiling by 2. For example, if your bath space ceiling is 9 feet, the light should be placed 4.5 feet away from each other. That will enable enough light with no overwhelming space.

  • How do I choose recessed lighting for a bathroom?

There are certain factors you should consider before choosing recessed lighting for your bathroom. They are;

  • The style and look
  • Buying and installation costs
  • The room, functionality, and placement
  • Your room’s layout and spacing
  • Installation requirements
  • Type of the bulb
  • The voltage
  • Where should lights be placed in the bathroom?

There are 4 different places you can place light in your bathroom. You can place recessed light over your mirror, over tubs, and in showers. You can also place your recessed light on the bathroom’s accent lighting and ambient lighting system.

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