5 Best Recessed Deck Lighting 2022 (Tried & Tested)

best recessed deck lighting

Formerly, people could not enjoy the stunning natural view outside their homes because of an unreliable lighting system. But thanks to the increasing fame of recessed deck lighting, you now have many options. There are now more reliable, functional, and aesthetically delightful light alternatives.

So, if you require powerful deck light options, the Best Recessed Deck lighting can improve your outdoors with beauty, security, and safety. Moreover, you can still enjoy your beloved home spaces for a very long time. To help you find out the best that will work in your home, we have researched the Best Recessed Deck Lighting below.

Our top pick in this review is the Recessed LED Deck Lights Kits with Black Protective Shell. However, we also researched other excellent ones that are the best in their stylish design, functionality, durability, and brightness. Let’s check them out!

5 Best Recessed Deck Lighting

1. Recessed LED Deck Lights Kits with Black Protective Shell

This particular deck light is our top pick for a reason. It shines a very bright warm white to produce an awe-inspiring starry effect. It looks like your night sky is adorned with stars. Also, the black protective shell enables embedded installation on stone stairs and floors. Finally, it offers maximum security for the deck lighting kit.

This Deck Lights Kit is perfect for both outdoors and indoors décor of your home. They deliver more brightness with their low voltage rating. Also, they create a safer and warm ambiance for your family. You can use these deck lights for your yard or garden landscape lighting. Also, they are ideal for the City landscape design lighting.

It features high-quality LED chips {0.6w/pcs}, DC12V low volts output, without flicker, stable, and durable copper double pin connector. These features ensure energy conservation as well as a long lifespan.

The fixture comes in superior quality acrylic/ABS as well as a 304 stainless steel lighting body. Its power supply is insulated, glue-filled, and waterproof with IP67. You can also order an LED dimmer if you like them in dimming mode.

You can always detach any of these 16 pieces of light if you want to. Moreover, they are in parallel connection, which will allow you to install parts of them according to your requirements. Besides, the LED lights work perfectly even if two or more of them fail.

The only downside of this particular deck lighting is it’s too bright with no dimmer included. But then, that can be controlled with a LED dimmer.

Main Features

  • Insulated and IP67 waterproof
  • Dimmable
  • 12V low voltage
  • 50,000 hours, emerging conserving 0.6W per piece
  • Natural 4500k white glow with 120 degrees beam angle
  • Easily fitted and detachable


  • Comes in two different color options
  • Protecting shell
  • Waterproof for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Offers suitable brightness
  • Durable with a long lifespan


  • Dimmer not included
  • The size of the recommended hole is not appropriate.

2. CHNXU Color Changing LED Deck Lights Kit

If you are looking for the best color-changing recessed deck light, you are on point with this CHNXU Color Changing LED Deck Lights Kit. It makes use of a light diffuser that can spread deck lights more brightly and softly. As a result, when you sit down on your porch or patio, it will produce a peaceful and nice ambiance.

Furthermore, when you stroll down your driveway or garage, it will illuminate your passage. Thus, making your eyes feel more relaxed even in the dark. To be precise, this particular model is ideal for every of your deck lighting needs.

It features LD45 light diffusion powder, which spreads light more softly and comfortably and relaxes your eyes. Also, it’s 12V low voltage, 0.2w/0.5w low consumption, and has above 50,000 hours long LED life. It comes together with 8w low volts safe transformer DC of power supply for your safety during use. The installation process is very easy. You don’t need any tools for the connection.

It is IP67 rated waterproof protected with 220 pounds maximum pressure. As a result, these stainless steel 304 deck lights can still operate perfectly even under the rain and within a high-pressure atmosphere.

The only downside to this product is the packaging, which seems to destroy some of the lights en route.

Main Features

  • LD45 and light distribution powder
  • 1.2-inch (32mm) mounting hole diameter
  • 8w low volts safe transformer
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Remote control


  • Looks beautiful and colorful
  • High-quality design
  • Flushes perfectly with the deck
  • Quite affordable


  • The packaging seems to destroy some of the lights’

3. QACA Recessed LED Deck Lighting Kits 12V Low Volts, Cool White

If you want to bring an exceptional style to your backyard and front yard, go for the QACA Recessed LED Deck Lighting Kits. It is the best-recessed flush mount deck light you can use to decorate your environment. In addition, it brings a comfortable, romantic, soft, and warm ambiance to ease your mind effectively.

With its IP67 protection rate, this fixture can protect the LED lights. The sturdy design also ensures that this light is rustproof, weatherproof, and waterproof. Thus, you can use your deck lights safely without worries.

With the 12 voltage (low volts) DC power generation, it is quite environmentally friendly. It is the sweetest way of lighting and improving your stairs, indoor floors, yard, and garden.

The greatest challenge this fixture has is that the app doesn’t seem to function as it should.

Main Features

  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • RoHS and CE certified
  • 220lb walkover pressure maximum
  • 40lm lumen output and cold white color
  • 6000k to 6500k color temperature
  • Stainless steel 304 high grade
  • IP67 waterproof rating


  • Beautiful and super bright
  • Works perfectly both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy installation process
  • Waterproof, rustproof, and weatherproof


  • It seems that the App is not functioning as it should
  • The instructions are not clear

4. LED Deck Lights Kit, 20 Pieces Φ1.22″ WiFi Wireless SmartPhone Control Low Volts Recessed RGB Deck Lamp

LED Deck Lights Kit is your very convenient option to illuminate and light up your stairs, indoor floors, patio, and garden beautifully. It is the best smart deck lighting that can create a captivating romantic environment at night. Also, it can make your garden look enchanting and welcoming.

With its IP67 waterproof protecting feature, you can use the light for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Moreover, its plastic and hardware integrated design is ideal for a rugged outdoor ambiance.

The construction comes from long-lasting stainless steel. As a result, it can last more than 50,000 hours at a low volts energy-efficient of 0.6W. In addition, it features a group control design that you can operate via your smartphone. Thus, you can build a group for the various stations of your deck light. Then control all of them with your mobile phone. All you have to do is give your deck lights a special name.

Whether you are outdoors or indoors, you can control your deck light through its remote control feature. As far as your smartphone has a network that can connect to the deck lighting controller WiFi, you can switch on your light before arriving home after work or switch them off after leaving the house.

These mobile phone-controlled wireless WiFi LED lights are compatible with IFTTT, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. If you are not using your remote control or smartphone, speak simple commands to switch the lights ON/OFF.

The lights can also dim or change colors as you want them. You can change the brightness of the light to sync with the tempo of your best-loved music. Transform your room into a ballroom or produce a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

With the timer mode, you can comfortably set the smart deck light to turn itself ON/OFF at a particular time. Thus, you can wake up in the morning to your most loved colors or return home to the bright lights which just turned on.

The major setback this product has is its color. It seems to be a cold yellow and doesn’t match the incandescent lights.

Main Features

  • IP67 waterproof cables and lights
  • Remote control
  • Timer mode
  • Voice control
  • Last memory retention
  • Flush mount and spring clips
  • 120V with added adapter
  • Preassembled power cable with twist connectors


  • Group control
  • You can control the lights from any place
  • Moisture-proof light fixture
  • Quite easy to hook up and control
  • Detachable and adjustable


  • Clips falloff easily
  • Color not white

5. FVTLED 10-Pack Low Voltage LED Deck Lights Kit

This energy-saving LED deck light is low in profile and emits a warm white glow that generates a cozy ambiance for your entertaining spaces outdoors. It is the best light you can use for your decorations to create a soft, warm, comfortable, and romantic environment. This light can effectively ease your mind from worries.

Its design is unique, with a bronze half-moon look that makes the light more classic. It also generates a stylish look once it is installed. Thanks to the sturdy IP65 level waterproof design that protects the light from rust. It’s weatherproof and makes sure that it operates properly.

It operates with DC 12 low voltage energy supply, is environmentally friendly, and is energy-saving. Plastic and hardware integrated design.

FVTLED 10-Pack Low Voltage LED Deck Lights Kit created to brighten your outdoor decks, stairs, and walkways while simultaneously adding security and extra safety to your homestead. You can also use this particular light in business places such as; shopping malls, hotels as lighting or decoration.

These lights are small in size with 35mm (1.38-inch) *H25mm(0.98-inch) in diameter. You can also place an order for a bigger version of these lights if you so wish. Also, the version of these lights that uses WiFi is available in case you may need it.

It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor decorations. Moreover, you can install these lights anywhere you can open a hole. For instance, you can install them in your garden, kitchen, walkways, deck stair, pool, eaves, floor, patio, deck step, kitchen plinth, or exterior LED landscape lights.

The installation is like a breeze. You only need to make sure that you connect every cable adequately according to the user instruction included. That is the best way to benefit from its maximum lighting effects. Just ensure that you connect the lamps below 30pcs while the cables would be below 100ft.

The downside is that these lights are too dim to brighten the outdoors as it is supposed to do.

Main Features

  • Low profile
  • Compatible to DC 12 volts
  • Environmental friendly
  • Plastic integrated style
  • IP65 rated waterproof
  • Unique retro and modern red bronze exterior shaped like a half-moon


  • Small in size but big in style and functionality
  • A perfect option for decoration
  • Installation tips included
  • Less expensive


  • They are too dim for outdoor purposes
  • Lights don’t seem to lock in place

6. 8 Solar Recessed Deck Lights with Cool White LEDs

If you are searching for the best solar recessed deck lights, 8 Solar is a perfect option. It is an innovative and connectable design of 8 solar deck lights. They are an ideal addition to your decks, driveways, entryways, and much more.

Each of the lights in this system can connect to another due to the 2 prong attachment found on either side of its lead wires. Thus, it requires5ft space between the lights and a solar panel which is positioned about 9ft from its display.

You can use each of these 8 deck lights or align them sparingly to experience an incredible lighting solution. These 8 Solar Recessed Deck Lights are great for decks, lawns, gravel, and many other landscape mediums.

Due to their solar composition, these deck lights can charge during the day. Then at night, they can switch on automatically and last from 8 to 10 hours. That is when you charge them on a very sunny day.

The major setback for this product is on the side of durability. The lights and the solar panel don’t seem to last as they should.

Main Features

  • 4000 Kelvin LED temperature
  • Solar energy
  • Two 3.7v 700MAH LI batteries included
  • White color
  • Added drill bit
  • Stainless steel composition
  • ABS plastic design
  • Waterproof and durable poly-resin material
  • 16 shining neutral white LED lights in total


  • Good soft lighting
  • Quite affordable
  • Low voltage
  • Wide usage


  • Solar panels don’t last long

Best Recessed Deck Lighting Buying Guide

  • Illumination Range

You must check out the brightness of any recessed deck light you want to buy. Typically, the illumination comes in Lumens. Generally, each bulb of recessed deck lights produces fewer lumens. But then, you can multiply the number of lumens they generate by increasing the number of light in each strand. By so doing, you can compare them to each deck light. Also, remember to check out the solar panel’s power range, especially if you want to light up a wide area.

  • Durability

Always be on the lookout for recessed deck lights that are durable. Go for the ones that can tolerate any harsh weather conditions and still work appropriately. That is, those that are waterproof and heatproof so that too much moisture or heat cannot disturb them. Always go for metal construction or sturdy plastic materials.

  • Settings

The setting of any solar recessed deck light is greatly important. Especially since most of these lights have many brightness options, if they come with multiple setting options, it will enable you to select a lower setting when you want. This helps your deck lights to have a long lifespan.

  • Lifespan

Recessed deck lights powered by solar make use of lithium batteries to reserve energy until you need to use them. The batteries generally last a few years before needing replacements. The replacement batteries are not added to the warranty provision. You will have to pay for another new battery if your light battery gets damaged. That is why you need to check the warranty terms first. Also, check out the length of time the recessed deck lights can function at a time. It may not be an issue for lights activated by motion. You should buy lights that can last you for a long time after charging fully.

  • Price

Another important thing you need to consider before buying a recessed deck light is the price. You should be mindful, though, that expensive choice doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best in functionality. It is still the same with the cheaper alternatives.

What you need to do is thoroughly compare its functions and features first. Then you can select according to your budget.

  • Recharge And Lighting Time

There are certain models whose charging hours are very short. But then, their turning on period will also be shorter. Therefore, it is advisable to buy lights that can charge for the entire day. They can also turn on for the whole night.

  • Color and Brightness

Generally, it is best to buy the light that offers maximum brightness with lower power. The level of brightness you choose is your personal decision. Some lights shine very brightly, whereas some people only want dim lights. So, you should think carefully before selecting the level of brightness you may need.


How can I hide my deck lights?

There are many ways you can hide your deck lights. You can try the following;

  • You can place the deck lights inside planters
  • Select  lights that can blend in naturally
  • You can bury the wires underground
  • Use rain gutters to run the wires
  • You can also use decorative elements, wood molding, or copper pipes to hide the wires.

Are deck lights worth it?

They are worth your effort. Apart from their security purposes, they also help in crime prevention. For example, burglars will not find it so easy to approach your deck or house that is well-illuminated with deck lights. Besides, including deck lights in your outdoor décor can enhance its overall aesthetics and, at the same time, improve the ambiance of your whole backyard.

How far apart should you space LED recessed deck lights?

You can determine the distance between your lights by considering the function such as accent, task, and ambiance. When you’ve identified what you need it for, then you can space them accordingly. But if you can blend all three functions on your deck, then you will know how to space them.

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