6 Best Recessed Lighting for Bedroom 2022(Tried&Tested)

best recessed lighting for bedroom

Ceiling flush mount appliances and chandeliers all help to light up a home. However, if you want to discretely add illumination without installing a device that will drop into your bedroom, recessed lighting is your best option.

Recessed lighting contains a bulb within an inverted cylinder-like can that you can mount flush with your ceiling. Thus, they do not consume visual space and don’t change your room décor. However, choosing the best one for your bedroom can be time-consuming. That is why we prepared this review of the top brands in the market.

Our top pick for this review is the Ensenior 6 Pack 4″ Ultra-Thin LED Light, followed by other excellent products. We based our selection on voltage, wattage, color temperature, size, type, superior quality, and functionality. Read on to know more!

6 Best Recessed Lighting for Bedroom – The Review

1.Ensenior 6 Pack 4” Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light

This Ensenior light fixture is our top pick for good reasons. They come in the new generation of superior quality materials for exceptional user experience. The safe operation and high-quality standards of this ceiling light are great. Apart from your bedroom, you can also use it in many workplaces.

The bulbs on this light can light up your basement effectively. All you need is to adjust its brightness from 100% – 5%. Even if it’s midnight, you can change to the least light with no noise and flicker. It’s highly energy efficient.

This light fixture uses superior-quality LED chips of about 750LM to brighten up any space. This feature only consumes 9 watts of energy to give an equivalency of 75W incandescent light. So, it saves about 88% in electricity costs for you. It renders high color effectively through natural colors. As a result, it protects your eyes from the irritation caused by highlights.

Installation of this fixture is like a breeze. It only takes up 2′′ ceiling space, and its pure white frame size is just 0.47′′ thick. Therefore, the lighting is perfect for most décor styles, ceiling, as well as joists. Furthermore, with the 5 to 100% dimming feature, this light can also suit every kind of lighting need in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

This light fixture is IC-rated, allowing it to get in contact with insulated ceilings. Its ultra-thin LED junction box comes with thermal protection. Also, it works effectively with most dimmers in the market. Featuring the 80 plus CRI technology, the Ensenior provides true colors to your household.

Main Features

  • 750LM high-brightness
  • Frosted LED lenses
  • Ultra-thin lights
  • 2 pins 2700k to 6000k connectors
  • Certified by ETL
  • UL certified wire terminal
  • IC rated
  • 80 plus CRI technology


  • Easy installation
  • Versatile usage
  • Gives you the highest security


  • No cons yet

2.Hykolity 12 Pack 5/6” LED Recessed Lighting

Hykolity 12 Pack 5/6-inch with baffle trim can reduce excellent glare in the bedroom. It features100 watts equivalent incandescent brightness LED lights which delivers 1100 lumens in output. With Hykolity, you can reduce your electricity bill by 80%.

The construction of the light fixture is to offer superior quality. It comprises the 90 CRI technology that produces sunlight-standard illumination consistently within your household. Also, it has maintenance-free power-conserving LEDs that can operate for 50,000 hours of lifespan. This’s equivalent to 22 years lifetime at 6 hours every day or 45 years when it runs 3 hours daily.

This light features a smooth dimming of 5% to 100%, enabling you to regulate the ambiance in your home. It is also compatible with several classic LED dimmers in the market. The light operates without noise and flickering.

Moreover, installing Hykolity 12 Pack is very easy. It comes with a TP24 connector and E26 base adapter to make things easier. Also, it’s suitable for any 5/6-inch recessed housing canister. Hykolity is also versatile as you can use it in hallways, offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

The major challenge with the light is the spring clips. Its wire gauge is a bit on the high side and too heavy for its stock can rings.

Main Features:

  • TP24 connector and E26 adapter
  • 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4000k, and 5000k color temperature
  • 1100 lumens output
  • 90 CRI technology
  • 50,000 hours run time
  • Compatible dimmers


  • Magnificent and bright illumination.
  • Affordable price.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty provision.


  • Spring clips are not working perfectly.

3.6′′ LED Recessed Lights ECOWHO Ultra-Thin Ceiling Mount Can Lights

Your bedroomis the place you relax, rest, and sleep. This LED light can make the space cozier and inviting. In addition, the light fixture can create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the room. The ECOWHO flush mount ultra-thin lighting operates with advanced technology for superior performance. As you keep on dimming the lights, the lights become warmer for a wonderful experience.

The flush mount ultra-thin design provides an excellent ceiling space-saving solution. The only space needed is only a 7″ ceiling hole with 2” ceiling space for installation. It does not need any aluminum housing for the installation. It’s the ideal solution for any narrow ceiling that can’t fit with a can. Also, it sits directly attached to the ceiling and protects the bulbs from debris and dust.

Installation of this fixture is very simple and easy. All you need to do is connect the junction box with the available female/male cables. Then, adjust the spring clip so that it can fit with the ceiling.

The only drawback to this light is with the light output. In addition, its 4000k natural white color seems to be quite low.

Main Features

  • Ultra-thin design
  • Flush mounts
  • Junction box
  • Dimmable panel
  • ETL approved
  • Plastic, aluminum material


  • High-quality lights
  • Perfect fit
  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy-saving


  • Poor light output

4.Smart Recessed Lighting Ultra-Thin 4” – Lumary LED Recessed Light 9W 810LM

If you’re interested in a smart light thttps://amzn.to/3GJJ0X7hat works with your voice commands, this Recessed Light 9W 810LM can do that.It features a voice control design, which works perfectly with Google Assistant and Alexa. With an ordinary dialogue, you can switch on and off your bedroom lights. Also, you can adjust it to your favorite colors with voice control without lifting a finger.

Also, this light color can change at the sound of music or a game because of its Mic sync and music attribute. You can only apply this function with the APP without a built-in speaker or microphone. Also, you can group set this downlight in your bedroomusing the APP to direct the group uniformly.

There is also a remote control to operate the light from any distance. But make sure that the network is strong to power the Smart Life Application or Lumary on your smartphone or tablet.

As for the light temperature, this brand produces a cool white and warm white color temperature that ranges from 2700k – 6500k. So you can expect about 16 million different colors from your bedroom light. Moreover, you can use its application to change the various colors to suit different needs and scenes.

The main setback to this light is the spring clips. They are a bit on the flimsy side.

Main Features

  • 9W/806LM
  • Equivalent to 65 w
  • 110 – 130 volts
  • 120 degrees beam angle
  • Smooth, silent, flicker-free dimming
  • Instant start
  • Dimmable


  • Remote and Group control
  • High-quality
  • Changes color to the rhythm of music or game sound
  • Dazzling and adjustable


  • Spring clips are not so great
  • Alexa has issues accessing all the lumary functions.

5. Smart LED Recessed Lights 6” 16W 1100LM Smart Downlight

Here is another smart LED recessed light that can create a relaxing scene in the bedroom. The lighting supports a colorful warm white and cool white color temperature that goes from 2700k – 6500k. Also, you can use the Smart Life Application to change the various colors for different needs or scenes. Its color option reaches up to 16 million.

It features mesh technology, which allows for additional smart recessed lighting to be connected to its hub. You can use the APP control to direct the light’s switch on/off, brightness, and color. You can adjust from2700k to 6500k as well as convert between warm white and cold white lights.

With its schedule and timer feature, you can plan the bedroom lighting to suit your needs. Also, it enables you to set the particular time you want your light switched on /off. Moreover, the light can flash at the sound of music.

It is compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. You only need a dialogue to direct how the light will perform. In addition, you can control the timing of the light through the sound of music. Also, it can change color through a music beat or game sound.

The downside is the lights may not have a very long lifespan.

Main Features

  • BT mesh connection
  • 1100 lumens
  • Supports 2700k to 6500k
  • Sync to music and voice control
  • APP Smart control
  • Spring clips
  • Junction box
  • Customized Scene


  • Colorful life
  • Easy group control
  • In support of many devices other than WiFi devices.
  • High-quality at an affordable price


  • Not long-lasting

6. Recessed Lighting, Deerdance Fixtures 4 Pack, 6” 12w, and 110w equivalent

This acrylic, iron, and aluminum construction recessed light is an ideal option for your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and any other common areas in your household.Deerdance delivers the best updated LED ceiling lighting.

 Being IC rated supports direct contact with your ceiling insulations. In addition, it comes with a junction box that has thermal protection, thereby minimizing the likelihood of overheating. The ceiling space this recessed light requires is as small as 2-inches. Moreover, the light can fit within various joists and ceilings.

The Deerdance 6-inch ultra-thin lights are specially created with the new generation LED chips with lower power and higher lumens. It has a 5% to 100% smooth dimming feature. It creates higher brightness with no noise or flickering. It also features scratch resistance and anti-glare functions.

The major challenge in the fixture is the template which is too large. Thus, it creates a big hole in the ceiling.

Main Features

  • Dimmable
  • 1100LM brightness
  • No noise, no flicker
  • Anti-glare
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Junction box
  • Thermal protection
  • ETL certified
  • CRI>80


  • Very bright lights
  • Sturdy construction
  • No fear of overheating
  • Supported by a 5-year warranty provision


  • Big template hole
  • Low-quality metal box

How to Choose Best Recessed Lighting For Bedroom

  • The Trim design

The major factor you need to consider before you buy any recessed light for your bedroom is the trim. If you want a trim that won’t show much, get the flangeless type. But if you need a prominent visual, go for the flanged trim. If you’re someone who likes the minimalistic finish, go for the flat trim.

  • Size and shape

There are many sizes and shapes of recessed lights, such as rounded, square, rectangular, circular shapes. Square or circular shapes are recommendable. However, you can choose any shape that suits your bedroom decor. As for sizes, the commonest ones are 5 inches to 8 inches. If your bedroom is huge, you can go for 5 inches and above but select the lower ones for small bedrooms.

  • Color and Brightness

The color temperature of recessed lights is measured in Kelvin. Most recessed LED lights consist of 3000k – 8000k. According to experts, color temperatures below 3000k produce warm color temp while above3000k will give cool color temperature. So, for the bedroom the temperature should be from 2700-3000K.

  • Wattage

LED lights consist of the right wattage you can use to protect your home from hazards. It is advisable to choose wattage that range from 65 to 100 watts, although there are some that rate up to 150 watts. Your bedroom doesn’t need too much wattage.

  • Housing Voltage

The housing voltage of recessed lights determines the level of energy it will consume as well as the intensity of its brightness. There are line and low-voltage housings. Low-voltage housings are energy-saving and cost-friendly. In contrast, the line-voltage housings utilize the home current.

Advantages of Using Recessed Light In Bedroom

  • It doesn’t take up space

Since the recessed lights are not hanging down from your ceiling but set within the ceiling, it doesn’t take up any visual space.

  • It makes Bedroom look Bigger

Recessed lights create an effect that gives a bigger look for your bedroom due to the wall washing lighting effect. This’s because they cast more illumination around the bedroom through the ideal kind of trim.

  • It Highlights designs on Walls.

You can use recessed lighting to highlight designs such as wall bookcases, art collections, or any special collection you may have.

  • Multiple color production

Recessed lighting comes in many different colors with lights, trims, and reflectors. Thus, you can use these features to upgrade your bedroom in various ways. Also, you can create the atmosphere you need in the bedroom at all times.


  • Are recessed lights good for bedrooms?

Recessed light gives excellent lighting for bedrooms, especially the temperature range of 2700-3000K. The sleekness and sometimes flush-mount designs make your bedroom spacious. Moreover, it adds warmth to your bedroom. Besides, its adjustable brilliance enhances the room style as well as creates a relaxing atmosphere.

  • What size recessed light for bedroom?

The size of the recessed lighting option for your bedroom depends on the height of your room ceiling and the position you prefer. 6-inches are common for normal lighting purposes, but 3 to 4 inches above the bed can be magical. However, 7-inches to 9-inches lights create wider brilliance.

  • Where should recessed lights be placed in a bedroom?

The place where your recessed light should be depends on where you aim to lighten. For instance, you can place them above the bed to illuminate art or over your reading table. Also, the position depends on the number of lights you want to install in the bedroom. For instance, you can place two 3-4 inches lights above the bed if you want to illuminate that spot. A

  • How many lumens does a bedroom need?

Generally, a bedroom or sitting room requires about 10 to 20 lumens for each square foot. So targeting a total of 1000-2000 lumens for your bedroom is not a bad idea. But it also depends on the level of illumination you need in your sleeping area.

  • How many LED recessed lights per room?

Before determining the number of lights your rooms need, you will first measure the rooms and identify the fixtures they can accommodate. Generally, every 4 – 6 square feet of your ceiling space can accommodate one recessed light.

  • Which lighting is best for bedrooms?

Just like every other room, your bedroom requires proper lighting. The best lights for a bedroom include;

  • Standing lamps
  • Portable lights for reading
  • Pendants
  • Table lamps
  • Ceiling fans
  • Scones
  • Rope lighting
  • What should be the space between recessed lights in the bedroom?

The space between the lights will be determined by the focal points you need to illuminate. If it’s above the bed, then install one there. If you have art, install a light there and maybe one over your vanity. You can also use the ceiling height to determine the space by dividing it into 2 and spacing the lights according to the result. Another method is to keep the lights at a 3-feet distance from the wall to avoid dark shadows. 

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