7 Best Outdoor Recessed Lighting 2022(Tried&Tested)

best outdoor recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is not only for the interior décor of your home. You can use them effectively outdoors as well. Furthermore, the outdoor recessed lighting delivers a welcoming illumination effect. But then, choosing the right one that will be suitable for your needs may be difficult. If you make the wrong choice, you have messed up your exterior design.

That’s why we thoroughly researched the best outdoor recessed lighting in the market to create this review. Read them through, and it will assist you in making the right choice. Of course, our top pick is the TORCHSTARE E-LITE 6″ Series with Ultra-thin LED lights. But, we also researched other products. So, check them below.

7 Best Outdoor Recessed Lighting Review

1.TORCHSTARE E-Lite Series 6” Ultra-Thin LED Recessed

This TORCHSTARE ultra-thin downlight is our top pick in this review for a reason. It is your ideal option for low electricity bills. With its slim size design, you can fix them on any extremely small ceiling. You only require 2′′ clearance height. It doesn’t require any can, and it supports remodeling, new construction, and retrofit installations. It is furnished with a quality standard junction box as well as complete accessories. Moreover, it comes with 40,000 hours lifespan and a 5-year warranty provision to protect your benefits and rights.

The standard for its design is quite strict to ensure maximum safety. It consists of a sturdy aluminum housing that is resistant to corrosion with notable heat dissipation. You can install this fixture to your home décor safely. Just tightly fix the light with its accompanying metal spring clamp to your ceiling.

These lights can directly contact your ceiling insulations due to their IC rating, which provides thermal protection and is ideal for wet locations. Furthermore, you can install this light in your basement. It requires just 13.5W to provide 850 lumens by substituting 70Watts incandescent lights. Its installation is very easy, and you can mount it on your ceiling to light up everywhere immediately. This ambient wafer light is not created with mercury, and it is resistant to UV damage and infrared rays.

Additionally, you can conveniently adjust this light’s brightness from 10% to 100% due to its dimming capacity that can work perfectly well with various dimmers available. Also, the 90 CRI makes this light an eye-catching option for bathrooms, kitchens, and even the garage. On the other hand, its satin nickel finishing is perfect to match the industrial décor styles.

The main downside is that if your power module gets faulty, it is difficult to replace it. You will have to order another set of 6 packs.

Main Features:

  • Compatible Lutron Dimmers
  • 2” setup space clearance
  • Spring clip max
  • Waterproof rating
  • 10 to 100% dimming range
  • 13o F to 113o F working temperature
  • IC rating
  • Ultra-Thin size
  • Energy Star and ETL certified


  • Excellent quality
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Easier to install
  • Brighter illumination


  • You must buy an expensive outdoors wire for safety reasons
  • Faulty power module difficult to replace

 2. Recessed Outdoor LED Deck Light Kit


This deck light is attractive and ideal for the decoration of both the outdoors and indoors of your home. It is the best option for outdoor deck recessed lights.

Why? These deck lights have many different benefits when you compare them to other lights. For instance, it ensures high safety and shines brighter. In addition, with its radiant warm white LED lighting, you can enjoy a magnificent starry effect.

Also, it conserves energy and lasts for a very long time. Due to the high-quality LED chips of 0.6w and DC12V low volt output, the light doesn’t flicker. There is also the long-lasting and firm copper 2 pin connector. It comes with supermax 16 pieces series with a DC 12V transformer added for greater performance.

It is created with super-quality Acrylic/ABS as well as 304 stainless steel for the light body. Its energy supply is completely glue-filled, totally insulated, and water-resistant IP67. You can dim the lighting through the use of any compatible dimmer.

The 16 pieces LED dot recessed lights are removable and in parallel connection. Your installation is for the parts you require. This light system still works perfectly even when 1 or 2 of its deck light fails.

The only downside is that the illumination is too bright and comes with no dimmer. So, you will have to buy a dimmer.

Main Features

  • Easy fit and detachable
  • Insulated and IP67 waterproof
  • 50,000 hours
  • Mini size
  • 12V low voltage
  • 120 degrees beam angle with warm white radiance


  • Super affordable and energy saving
  • Long life span
  • Elegant design
  • Versatile usage


  • Not dimmable

 3.JULLISON 4-INCH LED Smart Slim Recessed Pot Light, WiFi App, and Voice Control

Jullison 4-inch recessed pot light is the best smart recessed light for outdoor use. With the voice control and Smart Life application, you can transform the color of your environment. It doesn’t matter if it is patio, corridor, garage, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom.

You can control this device with your voice through Google Assistant and Alexa. You only need to pair it with a mobile running system, such as iOS 8.0, Android 4.1, or the higher. Also, you can operate it with a higher 2.4G signal.

With the Free Smart Life Application, you can comfortably control this smart downlight far off via your tablet or smartphone. The 2700k-6000k and RGB turnable white temperatures ensure that you can change your light setting from a 2700k warm light to a 6000k daylight temperature. Also, there is the RGB color changer that offers up to 16 million different colors. Furthermore, its dimming range is from 1% – 100% through APP/Voice control.

This particular Smart recessed light brings more fun to your home with its music, Timer, and group control sync. It can be group controlled for various room settings. Also, you can use its 38 scene mode and automatic ON/OFF timer. The light system plays music or game sounds on your device through the Tuya Smart Application or Smart Life Application.

It is IC-rated with a canless solution that makes it easy to install. It doesn’t require traditional trim/can or housing, even for drywalls and insulated ceilings. With the help of its remote Jbox, you can wire your light easily for power. It is ideal for remodel applications, retrofit, and new construction, respectively.

The downside is that its LED drivers will require upgrades to function adequately.

Main Features

  • Fast connectors with remote junction box
  • Group control, Music, and timer Sync
  • 9 watts and 600 lumens capacity downlight
  • APP control
  • Canless solution
  • Voice control
  • 120VAC


  • Quality assurance and energy saving
  • Passed the electromagnetic Interference tests
  • About 16 million different lighting colors
  • Ideal for wet, damp, and dry locations


  • The LED drivers need upgrading

4.Black 6′′ Ultra-Thin Canless LED Recessed Light

Check out this Black Canless LEDRecessed Light for the outdoor spaces in your home. Each one of these particular lights consists of a plain switch that can adjust up to 3 color temperatures to enable you to choose the ideal light color.

Also, this light is the ideal solution for your ceilings with the shallow plenum. Its compact design ensures that you can install the fixtures in spaces or rooms where taller fixtures or recessed cans won’t fit. For instance, you can fix them in your elevators, eaves, and beneath your balconies.

 It doesn’t need any housing. Moreover, they are IC-rated. So, you can conveniently use them on well-insulated ceilings. Moreover, it comes with gaskets that serve as the mediator between the ceiling and trim ring. As a result, this light is ideal for wet areas like; bathrooms, kitchens, basement, doorways, hallways, workplace, bedrooms, and living rooms. 

The material used for the construction is the new generation design that ensures the lighting is comfortable and bright. Thus, you will have the best user experience. With 1050 lumens and a capacity of 12 watts, it is very bright and saves costs.

This 6-inch black LED recessed light can smoothly dim from 5% to 100%. It also works perfectly with choice Lutron and Levton switch dimmers without noise or flashing. In contrast, most cheap brands produce noise if you connect them to the dimmer. Moreover, the cheap brands flicker anytime you want to adjust their brightness to 10%.

This light shines very brightly when installed but only consumes low voltage. Thus, it allows you to save about 88% in energy costs alone. It is all due to the superior quality large-chip high illumination LED lamp beads and the PMMA lighting guide plate that generates uniform brightness. This feature doesn’t yellow or dim with time.

There is no downside to this product yet.

Main Features

  • 40,000 hours
  • 3000k to 4000k to 5000k colors selectable
  • 1050 lumen
  • ETL certified
  • Portable junction box with connectors
  • Wet rated, ETL rated, and IC rated


  • Comfortable and bright
  • Highly energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • No housing required
  • Portable junction box
  • Hassle-free installation


  • There are no cons yet for this product.


5.12 Pack 5/6” 5CCT LED Recessed Downlight

This design serves as the ideal for retrofit installation. It features a smooth and seamless dimming capacity. You can comfortably dim your lights from 10% to 100% due to its high-end LED dimmers. In addition, it allows you to set the recessed lights to suit your present mood and enjoy the most pleasant atmosphere.

It has a high color-producing value of 90+, which reduces any impact of an illuminant on objects’ appearance. Thus, the surrounding objects can still retain their natural and true color.

There is also a 5 color option for you to choose your favorite. It ranges from 2700k-6500k color temperature. Selecting your lighting color choice immediately automatically changes the ambiance and look of your home.

With its 35,000 hours of light production, this particular recessed light solution can operate for 30 years.

The downside is that its lights don’t appropriately push into the house metal canisters. Again, it’s due to the internal tension against the metal walls.

Main Features:

  • 35,000 hours output
  • CRI>90
  • Advanced LED chips
  • Lower power and higher lumens
  • 10.5-watt incandescent bulbs
  • 100 to 10% dimmable
  • Compatible with other dimmers


  • Highly adjustable light output
  • Beautiful look
  • Easy installation process
  • No buzzing or flickering
  • Selectable color temperature


  • Non-flush with the ceiling
  • Delay between switching on, and it’s coming on


6.TORCHSTAR LED COLOR Changing 6′′ Recessed Light

The best color-changing recessed bulb is this TORCHSTAR LED 6” light. It allows you to experience modern upgrades in lighting and enjoy the smart living generation. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. Also, it’s wet-rated, certified to be airtight, and IC-rated to ensure direct contact with the insulation.

Its design is ultra-slim to enable an easy setup. You can conveniently fit this product in a narrow ceiling. Then optimally secure and place the fixture with its 7-coil tough clip system.  It is specially customized with a Power-on Behavior. The design is personalized and can be enabled from the TORCHSTAR App. Immediately the power comes on; the Smart Recessed light restores to its former temperature and color setting.

There is also a “do not disturb Mode,” which holds the light to ensure it doesn’t power on accidentally. It also comes with music sync and custom scenes to set your mood accordingly. With the available 8 preset scenes, you can select and edit to your favorite. The lights can also change to suit the music rhythms.

With the help of Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, you can access every of this light’s features through its hands-free voice control feature. You only need just to order your smart house assistant, and the light color will change. In addition, the light dims with your voice and syncs with the music.

The main downside with this design is the dimmers that don’t operate efficiently.

Main Features

  • Voice control with recessed light
  • Downloadable LITEdge Application or Smart Life Application
  • Timer and scheduling
  • Sync light to music feature
  • 700lm luminous flux
  • 12 watts
  • Waterproof rated
  • 1 to 100% dimming range
  • 2000k to 5000k CCT plus RGB


  • Versatile light selection
  • Amazing light production
  • Perfect and easy to setup
  • Voice control


  • Ineffective dimmers


7.HALO Recessed 70PS 6” Trim Wet Location and Air-Tite Listed Trim

Why not create a beautiful halo in your home environment with this Halo Recessed 70PS 6” Trim. It is your best option for functional and economical recessed lights. This fixture is perfect for you. It is the best way to tone down those over-bright bulbs. As a result, it looks good and diffuses the blinding bright lights. Thus, making your environment more pleasant, especially with its non-tinted frosted glass.

The cover fits tight on the ceiling with a sturdy plastic and foam ring. As a result, the fitting is perfect around the housing and makes sure that no light can escape around its rim area. It comes under the wet-location listing. Also, its polymer trim is non-corrosive and non-conductive. The Air-Tite design will ensure you save a lot on heating costs.

The only downside is that the coloring is not as white as the picture. It is more off-white instead of pure white.

Main Features

  • Albalite lens with frosted glass
  •  Air-tite listed
  • Wet-location listed
  • Torsion-spring retention
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive polymer trims


  • Beautiful modern style
  • Not expensive
  • Easy to install


  • Not white but more off-white

How do I choose outdoor recessed lighting?

There are certain factors you need to check out before choosing outdoor recessed lighting. They are as follows;

  • Shallow Clearances

When you want to choose outdoor recessed lighting, you need to consider if you have a shallow clearance. Ordinary recessed light fixtures have about 8 to 10″ of clearance. But then, soffits and porches where you need to install outdoor recessed lighting don’t possess such clearance space above. If you cannot determine the clearance level, it is advisable to buy slim designs since they don’t require much room.

  • Wiring of the Exterior Recessed Light

There are some wiring of the outdoor recessed lights that require the removal of soffits. Some may also require accessing certain areas from inside your attic. You may need to place wires in areas that are different from when you are wiring indoors. So, before you choose the outdoor recessed light, try reading the ratings and instructions. o

  • Direct Panel Wiring

Before you choose the outdoor recessed lighting to buy, you need to check whether it accepts direct panel wiring or not. That is, you need to check whether you can directly tap into an existing panel or whether the outdoor recessed light you want to install is higher in load than the exiting circuit. If it comes with a higher load, you will have to run an exclusive line from the panel. In this case, a professional electrician is advisable to use. 

  • IC-Rated Housing

Insulation contact housing is another factor you should consider. The IC-rated housing is suitable for incandescent and halogen bulbs that can burn very hot. Thus, making its housing very hot, and when that hot housing comes in direct contact with the insulation, there is a risk of a fire breakout.

So having insulation is advisable where you want to install your outdoor recessed light. In the absence of that, you need to go for cooler LED bulbs that don’t pose any fire hazard.

  • Damp Rated Location

Any outdoor recessed light you want to install must be rated for damp location. Since they do not come in direct contact with water like wet location-rated lights. They may be outdoor lights that have protection from porches or soffits.

So, you need to ensure that the outdoor recessed light you want to buy has the appropriate ratings according to the location you want to install it-wet or damp areas.

  • Must be Recessed Light Bulbs for Outdoors

In some cases, the outdoor recessed light fixture available consists of a damp-rated bulb. But then, if what you want to install are only a trim kit and light bulb, you will have to buy an independent light bulb meant for the outdoors.

  • Recessed Light Application with Low Voltage

It is advisable to buy low-voltage applications if you want to buy recessed lighting for your outdoors. You can use a low volts transformer to control your outdoor recessed lights. Besides, they can function on a light sensor or switch. So that if the sun goes down, your recessed lights can switch on. So low voltage recessed LED lights are recommendable since wiring them is easier without a professional electrician on hand.

  • Reflector and Trim Selection

Reflector and trim have many different options to choose from. So carefully select the design and trim you can figure out its wiring and layout plan.

  • How far apart should outdoor recessed lights be?

There are several ways to determine the spacing of your outdoor recessed light. First, determine if there’s an object you want to brighten. If there is, then start placing the lights from that point and move forward. Also, if there are shadows you don’t want to exist, then start placing the lights to take care of the shadows. 

  • Can recessed lights be used outdoors?

You can actually use recessed lights outdoors. However, if you want to install the outdoor recessed light where they will come in direct contact with water, you need to choose outdoor recessed lights rated for wet locations. But if the outdoor recessed light will be installed in areas where they have protection from snow, sleet, water spray, or rain, you should go for outdoor recessed lights with damp location ratings.

  • What is the difference between indoor and outdoor recessed lights?

 The first difference is that outdoor lights are designed to suit the weather conditions outside. But for indoor-only lights, using them outside will expose them to harsh weather conditions that might even cause a fire outbreak. But some lights can go for both outdoors and indoors as long as the water doesn’t touch them. For instance, some LED lights and halogen spotlights are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

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