8 Best pendant track lighting 2022(Tried&Tested)

best pendant track lights

Anytime you want to install lights that are more focused in any area of your business, office, or home, pendant track lighting is available for it. Pendant track lights are set up on railing structures. As a result, you can move the lights to suit your particular lighting requirements. For example, you can mount pendant track lights on your walls or ceilings according to your lighting specifications.

Before now, pendant track lights were used in theaters. However, you can also use them in your business area, offices, and home to enjoy light versatility. Moreover, pendant track lights help to showcase certain features of your home, office, or business décor. For instance, you can use pendant track lights to highlight your sculptures, pieces of furniture, pictures, or paintings.

However, choosing the best amongst the competing brands always seems difficult. We reviewed the best 8 Pendant Track Lighting systems in the market today. Our top choice is Kiven 3-Lights H System Track Mini Pendant. However, there are still some other brands that offer maximum satisfaction for users. So, check them below.

 8 Best pendant track lighting reviews

 1. Kiven 3-Lights H System Track Mini Pendant

Kiven 3-Lights H System Track Mini Pendant can blend within classic and modern mood settings. Also, it works well with the halo light circuit and the H-type-3-wire circuit track structure.

3-lights H-track lighting system features6 different cord lengths options. The cord you get with the product as default is 23.62 inches, but you have 6 different cord lengths to choose from. The available lengths are 11.81 inches, 15.75 inches, 23.62 inches, 31.5 inches, 35.43 inches, and 39.37 inches.

You can efficiently set up the Keven 3-lights H-system track mini pendant lights without looking for a professional electrician. All you need to do is switch off the power source, then follow the arrow direction to insert your product, rotate it to 90o, set up the bulb, and switch on the power source.

In addition, you can customize the wire length to your specifications. Then, you only have to contact the manufacturer through email to get a modified wire length as you requested.

The bulbs that come with it runs cool better than halogen bulb, which saves more energy to cut down your electricity bills. The recommended application space is 10 to 15 square meters. It is perfect for your Living room, but it is also a great match for your bedroom, dining, Shop, etc.

This unique product supports the E26 and E27 bulbs. Also, the product stands out when it comes to artistic design rating, and it is easy to install. If you want to spice up a better feeling from your existing track lighting, then the Kevin 3-lights H-system track pendant light is the best recommendation for you.

One thing that we can consider as set back is that you have to buy the track and bulbs separately.

Main features

  • Support E26 & E27 bulbs
  • Energy-saving& Dimmable
  • Adjustable
  • Offers customizable cords


  • Wide application 
  • Energy-efficient bulbs


  • The track lights and bulbs are sold separately.

2. Kiven 3-Lights H-Type Track Light, Dimmable

Those homeowners who enjoy different levels of dims in their lighting system should go for this pendant track lighting model. If you also consider product beauty as important as its function, you must also check it out.

It goes fine incompatibility with the H type 3-wire-1 circuit track system and the Halo light circuit. In addition, the product is compatible with most LED dimmers, which gives it a white flag of interoperability.

This model from Kiven is one of the simplest products in this category to install. All you must do is to ensure that the contact blades align on the pendant light stem. There are also arrows on one side of the light that enables a 90 degree turning of the stem into its track. But as you turn, listen to the “click” sound. Once you hear that, then the arrow embedded side has successfully clicked into the light’s groove.

Moreover, you can contact the manufacturers for a customized wire length. That is if the default wire is longer or shorter than your target installation location. Also, the bulbs it can carry range from smart bulbs to incandescent bulbs. A medium-base E26 bulb of 60W is great for the pendant track lighting. If you compare the built and functionality of the Kiven 3-Lights H-Type Track Light to some other track lights, you will agree with us that it is efficient.

Only that it’s for indoor purposes is a setback for this product because it limits prospective buyers to only those who want to use it indoors.

Main features

  • Energy Saving
  • Adjustable track heads
  • Compatible with H type 3-wire-1 circuit track system
  • Supports LED dimmers


  • Easy to install
  • Versatile for multiple spaces.
  • You can customize the wire length.


  • Indoors use only

3. Artika OME59B-HD2 4-Pendant Dimmable

The Artika OME59B-HD2 light combines an attractive design, some functionality, and affordable price to create an unforgettable satisfaction. It comes with a standard 4 integrated LED bulbs with beautiful bubble glass. The light produces a total of 1400 lumen, and it’s fully dimmable.

Its advanced technology enables you to adjust the height to meet your need. Also, the lights last for an undying period of 50,000 hours. When the product is set to full brightness, you can get an alarming illumination of 2700k hue that can light up your space enough to see clearly.  If you need a perfect replacement for your living room, dining room chandelier, kitchen, foyer, etc., then consider this product.

Moreover, you can adjust the height of this light, so don’t worry about the length. Also, the product is straightforward to install since the necessary mounting hardware usually accompanies every purchase. Finally, you’re also safe with this light, given the CSA recognition of the same.

One major setback of the OME59B-HD2 4-pendant light is that you must use the recommended bulbs to save energy.

Main features

  • 50,000 hours
  • Dimmable
  • 1400 Lumen
  • Adjustable track heads


  • Wide application 
  • Versatile
  • Durable


You must use the recommended bulbs to activate the energy-saving feature.

4.Industrial H-Type Track Pendant Lighting

Here is an industrial pendant track lighting to brighten your workplace or business spaces.

It fills the need to bring light levels lower is always present where ceilings are high. So, If you have a job-specific area in your commercial area, you need to look the way of this product. The traditional-looking Lamp with a black cage shade presents a vintage industrial feeling.

It is a perfect replacement for existing halogen standard track lights that drain energy. The light is compatible with the usual H-type three-wire-1 circuit system. It also works with a halo light circuit. You can also dim the light with LED dimmers but be careful with the track head to ensure it has the feature. Also, it is compatible with LED, Incandescent, and CFL bulbs.

Installation is not also a problem since it comes with the necessary wires and connectors. All it takes is to align the light’s contact blades on the lighting stem parallel to its track. You can press arrows on one side of the lighting to turn the stem 90 degrees into its track until the “click” sound occurs.

The fact that the product is for indoor use only is a setback in a way.

Main features

  • Dimmable
  • 90 degrees rotation
  • Adjustable track heads
  • Comes with wires and connectors
  • Supports LED CFL and Incandescent bulbs. 


  • Versatile application
  • Space-saving
  • Energy saving


  • Indoor use only

5. Kiven H-Track Lighting Kitchen Pendant Light

Kiven H-Track Lighting Kitchen Pendant Light design comes as a mixture of pendant and track lighting. It has all the features you need in track lighting that fits perfectly for your kitchen ambient illumination needs. You can also utilize the product in other areas where you want to highlight apart from the kitchen. 

The brand is track mounted, and it’s compatible with the H type 3-wire-1 circuit track system and the Halo light circuit. It comes with the option of allowing buyers to customize the cable. You can place an order for the length of cable you require, and it will be yours.

To those of you who desire to do some levels of upgrade to their existing lighting system can go for this product. It appears to be a perfect replacement option for your existing track lights. Also, installing the product is very simple. The connectors are available, and you can easily turn it to 90 degrees to lock the light into place.

The light is dimmable. It supports CFL, Incandescent, and LED lights, and you will get the bulbs at purchase.

One major setback of this product is that it’s for indoor use only.

Main features

  • Track mounted
  • Dimmable
  • Connectors and bulbs available
  • Produces clear lights on 12-inch sized pendant light


  • Fits multiple locations
  • Easy assembling
  • Comes with Edison bulbs
  • Installation is a breeze


  • Indoor use only

6.Sferra Gold Globe Pendant Light

The Sferra Gold Globe Pendant Light is a clean architecture that meets the demand of a pendant lighting system. It goes beyond the living room application to remain a perfect choice for office and home interior décor.

The light comes with the LED filament Edison style bulb – you don’t have to buy it separately. It meets most dimming requirements of homeowners, but you will have to use the ELV dimmer switch. On the side installation requirement, the product requires professional installation. So, something might go wrong if an armature or inexperienced person handles the installation.

The light has UL listed to show that it is safe for everyone. It is a dependable product in terms of functional reliability and durability. It fits well into your space and goes very cool in application with bedrooms, kitchen counters, dining, full kitchen size, etc.

This brand defines its uniqueness through its capability to accommodate sloped ceilings. It comes with a cord that is covered with adjustable fabric, which can go well with a ceiling height of up to 7 to 12 inches. In addition, the usage and management are so cool because you don’t have to disassemble them to replace the bulb.

One major setback of this product is that it is only dimmable with a compatible ELV dimmer switch.

Main features

  • ‎Dimmable
  • Adjustable track heads
  • UL Listed
  • Comes Edison bulbs


  • Versatile for multiple spaces
  • No need for extra expenditure on bulbs
  • Suitable for sloped ceilings


  • Only dimmable with compatible ELV dimmer switch
  • Doesn’t come with a seal and accumulates dust easily.

7.Permo Vintage Rustic Industrial 3-Lights

You can use this product in a variety of applications. Additionally, the Permo Vintage pendant track 3-lights is a perfect lighting tool for large spaces. It goes very well with your kitchen appliances, as it beams the kind of illumination that pronounces the beauty of the environment.

You can rely on this product for your warehouse that demands bright light. This product shows functionality strength in the kitchen counter, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and more. The product is compatible with a variety of bulbs. It goes well with Halogen, LED, Compact Fluorescent,

You can create different atmospheres with these 3-lights because each light has its dedicated off switch that you can use with other kinds of wall switches. In addition, the package comes with every mounting hardware you need for the installation process to be fast.

It is a setback on the side of the product for not having the dimming feature.

Main features

  • LED; Compact Fluorescent; Halogen compatible
  • Heat dissipation
  • Adjustable track heads


  • Wide application 
  • Great for large space
  • Cord customization


  • Not Dimmable
  • Doesn’t come with bulbs


8.Licperron Industrial Pendant Light

The Licperron Industrial pendant light is ideal for anyone that desires a touch of excellence and a bright atmosphere. The replacement of the bulb is so simple. It comes with open lampshade bottom that makes the bulbs easy to replace.

You can easily customize the height of this track light because the cord it comes with is adjustable. It features a fashioning touch of industrial elements but fits well with a modern theme. The product is straightforward to install because it comes with everything you need to complete the installation. It comes with metal screws, lampshades, a light socket, etc.

Moreover, you can use the light in your foyers, kitchens, bedrooms, restaurants, bars, cafes, balconies, clubs, etc. Also, it supports LED, Halogen, and Fluorescent lights. You can also use the standard incandescent bulbs. Moreover, you can hang the pendant track lights on flat and sloped ceilings.

One thing buyers may consider as a setback is that the product does not come with bulbs

Main features

  • Adjustable
  • Dimmable
  • E26 based bulb compatible
  • Hangs on flat and sloped ceilings
  • Supports incandescent, Halogen, and LED light.


  • Wide application 
  • High quality
  • Space-saving


  • Bulbs are not included.

 What you need to consider before choosing pendant track lighting

  • Height

Consider the height of your room before choosing the pendant light for it. To do that, first, identify the height and multiply the value by 2.5 & 3, then use the results as your range for the height. But normally, the recommended height is 7 ft., but you can always adjust it, especially to fit the area you want to brighten.

  • Wattage

The LED bulb comes with a wattage ratio of 80 to 100 lumen per watt, while its halogen counterpart comes with 16 to 24 lumen per watt. As a result, the halogen bulb produces more heat than the LED bulb that emits more light.

LED bulb saves your energy better than the halogen bulb yet has the flexibility of color temperature.  However, that beautiful design that you have chosen might not be compatible with your choice of bulb. So, look well before you buy.

  • Dim Issue

Some of the pendant track lights are dimmable, and some are not. So, be sure you get exactly what fits your interest.

  • Customization

You may need to check if the cable of the one you have decided to buy is adjustable. Also, you may have to look at the environment where you want to use the product so you can be sure of the cable length requirement.

  • Installation

Installation issues should matter to every pendant track, the light buyer. But, first, you need to know whether the installation of your model is easy or not, especially if you want to do it yourself.

  • Lifespan

Some bulbs’ lifespan is up to 50,000 hours, and some are much less. So, check this out.

 Can you put pendants on track lighting?

You can if you want to add beauty and efficiency to your existing track lighting set-up. The pendants can drop down from the tracks to cast additional lighting directly on particular areas. Putting pendants on track lighting is practically easy, just in a few minutes. First, however, you must make sure that the pendant is specially created for track lights.

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