7 Best Flexible Track Lighting 2022(Tried&Tested)

best flexible track lighting

It’s no doubt that Track lighting has gradually found its way into the list of interior decors and homeowners. These include both the fixed and the flexible fixtures. However, the flexibility of the latter has made it the most preferred and popular type presently. The best flexible track lighting system allows for easy configuration to suit your lighting needs and taste. You can bend the track as your wish to make it perfect for you.

But choosing the best one can be difficult sometimes. That’s why this review will help you with the important details about the top brands. We have picked Catalina Flexible Track Lighting Kit as our top pick. Also, we have six other brands that come with excellent features in this review.

So check them.

7 Best Flexible Track Lighting reviews

There are lots of flexible track lighting that can solve your lighting needs. Here are the best seven.

1.Catalina Flexible Track Lighting Kit

catalina flexible track lighting

This is a curved-shaped flexible track lighting with brushed nickel finishing. It’s 96” long, 4.38” high, and 10.25” wide. It uses energy-efficient 5 GU10 LED MR16 (pin-based) bulbs. The track light is dimmable only when you connect to a dimmer switch. You can also install it with a separate smart switch for easy connection to smart household devices or Alexa.

You can only use Catalina Lighting 19655-002 flexible track lighting indoors. It’s simple and easy to assemble with a luminous flux of 500lumen. You can mount the product either on the ceiling or on the wall. It has a voltage output of 60watts, and it’s the top pick.

Each pack comes with bulbs, fixtures, and an instruction manual written in French, English, and Spanish. Catalina Lighting 19655-002 flexible track has a color temperature of 3,000Kelvin with a bulb voltage of 120volts. The product has a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The shortfall of Catalina Lighting 19655-002 flexible track lighting is that it can only be used indoors.

Main Features

  • 5 GU10 LED MR16 pin-basedbulbs
  • Only for indoor use
  • Luminous Flux of 500lumen
  • The output voltage is 60watts
  • Bulb voltage of 120watts
  • Dimmable with a dimmer switch connection.
  • Colour temperature of 3,000Kelvin.


  • Has a one-year company warranty
  • Very affordable, Simple, and Easy to Install
  • 5 GU10 LED bulbs for complete lighting
  • Dimmable only when you connect to a dimmer switch.


  • For indoor use only.

2.Catalina 6 Integrated LED Flex Track Ceiling Light

This’s another great flexible track lighting fixture from Catalina. It comes with a black transitional 6 lighting package. This means that it has six lighting heads in a single package.

best flexible track lighting

When you desire beautifully designed flexible track lighting with a modern and classic style, Catalina 21903 000 is your ideal option. The versatility and durability of this track light speak for it. You can either hang it on the ceiling or mount it on the wall.

With the clear and simple assembly instructions, you can conveniently install this track light lighting seamlessly. Also, the lighting fixture is highly durable. It has a metal base and adjustable cylindrical-shaped shades made with dark bronze. This enables you to get directional lighting as you desire.

Furthermore, you can easily adjust the track rail to different abilities to suit your space. With a dimmer, you can also dim the illumination to satisfy your mood.

The major down part of this lighting fixture is that you can replace the LED bulb once they fail. This’s because the bulbs are built-in with the fixture.

Main Features

  • 6 integrated LED bulbs
  • 42 Watt energy capacity
  • Adjustable track
  • Dimmable light


  • High customer-approved quality.
  • Features highly durable metal casing.
  • Easy installation process.


  • Irreplaceable built-in bulbs once they fail.

3.DLLT 6-Light Flexible Track Lighting Rail, Modern Directional Led Spot Ceiling Light Fixture

DLLT flexible track lighting

When you’re focusing on a tight budget while planning for flexible track lighting, this DLLT 6-Lighting package is for you. The manufacturers ensured a distinguishing lighting fixture that boost high quality and safety but at a low cost.

DLLT track light comes with a stylish design that inculcates white glass shades and wave-like brackets. The silver-colored track rail adds to the elegance and aesthetic appeal of your lighted areas. It’s a versatile lighting option for different areas light bedrooms, living room, kitchen, offices, and others.

The track rail has 3 adjustable arms as 2 of them can rotate up to 350o. This allows you to have different installation positions for the lighting system. Also, each of the 6 light heads is capable of rotation to 90o vertical and 360o horizontal. So, you can conveniently direct the lighting as you desire.

This lighting fixture features an E12 base socket that allows you to control the lighting. Moreover, it’s compatible with different bulb types such as LED, CRL, incandescent, and others. The installation process is easy and simple to accomplish.

However, this track light is not dimmable. To impact dimmability, you will have to install the lighting with a dimmable switch. Also, the lighting bulbs are not included in the lighting package.

Main features

  • 6 rotatable lamp heads
  • E12 base socket
  • Glass shade
  • Adjustable track rail
  • Compatible with different bulbs


  • Independently adjustable light heads
  • Stylish and modern design.
  • Wide lighting application.


  • The lighting brightness is not dimmable.
  • Bulbs not included

4.DLLT 6-Light Flexible Track Lighting Rail, Modern Best for Kitchen

DLLT flexible track lighting

If you’re looking for the best flexible track lighting for your kitchen, this DLLT lighting fixture is for you. It features adjustable two arms that you can rotate up to 350degrees. This helps you configure the fixture to different positions that you want.

This lighting package of 6 adjustable light heads can rotate up to 90o vertically and 330o horizontally. So, you can personalize the heads to get directional lighting in any area. Besides using the lighting for your kitchen, the functionality of the lighting makes it good for other areas and rooms. Thus, you can use the light in bedrooms, dining rooms, entryways, bathrooms, offices, and others.

Furthermore, the lighting system comes with 6 GU10 LED bulbs. They have a total lighting output of 1,440 lumens, and each produces an equivalent of 100 Watts incandescent lighting capacity. Therefore, the fixture’s energy efficiency accounts for about 85% of the saving cost in energy. Also, the fixture gives 3,000K warm white temperature lighting.

Its installation process is very simple as you have the canopy mounting plate and other hardware for assistance. You can conveniently mount the fixture on both a vaulted or sloped ceiling. Also, the manufacturers operate an after-sales customer service that takes care of their customers’ questions and complaints.

The shortfall for this track lighting fixture is that it’s only convenient for indoor use. This lighting is not suitable for outdoors.

Main features

  • 6 light heads
  • Adjustable track arms
  • 1440 lumens light output
  • Canopy mounting plate
  • 6 GU10 base LED bulbs included


  • Best lighting option for a kitchen.
  • Flexible and adjustable rail arms for versatile placement.
  • Seamless installation process.


  • Only for indoor usage.

5.6-Light Adjustable Dimmable Track Lighting Kit by AIBOO

AIBOO flexible track lighting

When it comes to foldable track lights, this 6-Light Adjustable light by AIBOO is a great choice. It features a modern and stylish flexible foldable track consisting of 3 arms and 6 lighting heads. Two of the track arms can rotate in different directions individually to create personalized shapes.

The lighting fixture is strong and has a satin nickel body that beautifully matches your décor in different rooms. The lighting system is compatible with various bulbs types. However, ensure to keep the energy capacity below 50 Watts. You can use LED spotlights or other traditional bulbs that match the track heads.

It produces great illumination and has a wide, versatile application and use. Thus, it’s a suitable lighting option for your kitchen, living room, hallway, bedroom, and others. Also, you can conveniently dim the brightness to meet your desired mood.

The installation process is simple and easy to complete. You can refer to the included manual for clarity. Also, there’s the included hex tool that helps to tighten the track screws without stress.

The down part of this lighting system is that the GU10 base track lighting bulbs are not included.

Main features

  • 6 track heads
  • Flexible, foldable arms
  • Dimmable
  • E26 base
  • Hex tool included


  • Extremely versatile contemporary accent lighting.
  • Compatible with a wide range of bulbs.
  • Rotatable and adjustable track lighting


  • GU10 base track lighting bulbs not included.

6.Ali 6-Light Brushed Nickel Monorail LED Track Light – Pro Track.

pro flex track lighting

Ali 6-Light fixture comes with adjustable light heads that help you to create directional lighting where your want. The brushed nickel finish rail gives your home or office a unique and glamorous look. In addition, the fixture has a monorail track that you can adjust into different curved shapes as you desire.

The fixture has six built-in LED modules with 5 Watts energy capacity each. The bulbs can individually produce 35 watts equivalence of an incandescent bulb. Also, the total output is 500 lumens and 3,000k color temperature. It’s a very great energy-efficient lighting system.’

Furthermore, you can conveniently dim the brightness of the lighting through the use of a dimmer. The best for this fixture is an LED-rated dimmer or electronic low voltage type.

Also, for this Ali 6-Light fixture, there’s included mounting hardware for easy installation. The LED lighting system has an average of 25,000 hours of lifespan at 3 years.

The shortfall of this fixture is that the bulbs are irreplaceable once they fail. Also, the brushed nickel finish in the track rail easily peels off. This happens when a customer tries to adjust the rail into any desirable shape.s

Main features

  • LED monorail track light
  • 6 track light heads
  • Dimmable with compatible dimmer
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • 3,000K color temperature
  • Built-in six 5 Watts LED modules


  • High energy efficient
  • Takes different curved shapes.


  • Irreplaceable lighting bulbs.
  • Brushed nickel peels off while rotating the rail.

7.LED Pro Track Salazar Brushed Nickel S-Wave Track Light – Pro Track

flexible track lighting

This track light is an S-shaped lighting fixture that serves as a premium choice for flexible track lights. Its design provides glamour and aesthetic appeal to different buildings and areas that your choice to mount the light.

It offers you an easy ceiling fixture and stylish lighting in a single package. Its halogen lighting bulbs account for its great illumination and brightness. Thus, it’s a versatile lighting option for 

Furthermore, the track light features 6 adjustable heads and a swivel arm that depicts a classic modern style. By turning the lighting heads, you can get directional lighting to any area. Also, it produces 3,000 lumens lighting capacity with a color temperature of about 3,000K.

You can install the lighting fixture in a ceiling junction box easily. It comes with mounting hardware that will assist when confused in the installation process. In addition, the metal body construction makes the lighting fixture strong and highly durable.

Despite its great features, this fixture gets hot very fast. Also, the installation of the bulbs can be quite difficult.

Main features

  • Bullet lamp heads
  • Metal construction
  • Brushed nickel finish S-shaped track
  • GU10 base LED bulbs
  • 3,000 lumens lighting capacity


  • Beautiful and stylish lighting fixture.
  • Produces up to 3,000 lumens of lighting capacity.
  • Strong and highly durable.


  • Bulbs installation may be quite difficult.
  • Lights quickly get hot.

How to Install Flexible Track Lighting

The wide versatility of flexible track lighting has made it a popular lighting option for most homes and public places. You can see the lighting fixtures in museums, libraries, restaurants, hotels, homes, and others.

If you’re planning on installing flexible track lighting, here are the simple steps that can guide you.

  • Outline the shape and size of a flexible track light you want.
  • Install a junction and mounting placement for your lighting fixture.
  • Make the necessary hole and screw the mounting hardware.
  • Install the junction box for the lighting fixture.
  • Fix in the lighting heads and control switch for the lighting.


  • Can you bend track lighting?

Not all tracking lighting can be bent. You can only bend the flexible track lighting to get customized configurations to suit your taste and style.

  • What is the difference between track lighting and monorail lighting?

As all of you know, Tracking lighting is a lighting system that has the attachment of some lighting fixtures on a single track device. Similarly, monorail lighting is also a type of track lighting but a flexible lighting option that harbors adjustable track light heads or pendants. Due to its flexibility, you can get different shapes of curves and straight fixtures from a monorail lighting system. Monorail lighting comes with a number of carved shapes that you can fix to get different types of track lighting shapes.

  • What is the flexible track?

The meaning itself hides in the name. Flexible track means which track cab be fixed as requirements. A flexible track is an adjustable track section that you can turn to get different shapes. Flexible tracks are bendable tracks that you can make as shape as you want.

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