7 Best Track Lighting for Kitchen 2022 (Tried & Tested)

best track lighting for kitchen

Track lighting adds to the aesthetic appeal of every home. It makes the décor unique and beautiful at the same time. That’s why many homeowners love to put them in different parts of the house, including their kitchen.

Thankfully, there are many kitchen track lighting brands in the market. But it is always confusing to pick one. So, we will explore some of the best options available in the market. Our top pick amongst all is the DLLT 6-Light Track Lighting Fixtures. However, we also reviewed others based on unique designs, features as well as Pros and Cons.

So, keep reading to make a great choice amongst them.

7 Best Track Lighting For Kitchen Reviews

This section will put you through all our seven best track lighting types for the kitchen. These brands are suitable for modern-day interior décor as well.

1. DLLT 6-Light Track Lighting Fixtures Swing Arm


DLLT track lighting for kitchen

DLLT 6-Light track lighting is a multi-purpose tube-shaped lighting system with a movable track head. It’s the top pick because it’s versatile with amazing features. You can install it in your kitchen, bedroom, offices, and living room. In addition, DLLT6-Light track lighting produces a bright light. Hence, it can serve as warm light.

The track light components include six 3 Watt led bulbs, three swing arms, and six-track heads. You can rotate the lights around 350 degrees to any area of your choice. You can also turn the six-track heads 90 degrees vertically and 330 degrees horizontally for the same purpose. The lighting bulbs are GU10 base with a total light output of 1440lumen.

Moreso, the Color Rendering Index of the product is 85, and you can install it in a vaulted or sloped ceiling. This enables the track lighting to produce a more accurate color of the original objects around it. DLLT 6-Light track lighting produces some mood lighting in areas with no need for bright lights, such as passages, dining, bathrooms, etc.

The size of the lighting system is 47.24 inches. It’s 4.33’’ long and 2.36 high, which is the best size for indoor use. In addition, the company gives reliable customer after-sales services. In cases of any product malfunctioning issue, they offer either a refund or replacement when you contact them. However, the DLLT 6-Light Track LightingFixtures Swing Arm is not dimmable, and you can only use it indoors.

Main Features

  • Six 3W GU 10 led bulb
  • Adjustable track heads
  • The totaloutput is 1440 lumen
  • Not Dimmable


  • Has a wide range of usage
  • Very affordable, Simple, and Easy to Install
  • Six 3 Watt bulbs for complete lighting
  • Adjustable arms and track heads


  • Frequent track head adjustment may lead to damage to any of the components.
  • Has no dimmable feature.
  • Only for indoor purposes.

2. 6-Light Adjustable Dimmable Track Lighting System

best track lighting for kitchen

The 6-Light adjustable dimmable track light is oval with a silver color. This brand is to best budget-friendly track light you can use in the kitchen. It comes with mounting hardware, a track lighting kit, and an instruction kit, excluding the GU10, LED light bulbs. The track lighting fixture has flexible lighting components, implying that you can use other types of bulbs.

You can fix a dimmable bulb with the corresponding dimmable switch for regulating the light intensity. The system produces an output voltage of 300watts. This light might be affordable, but it is also strong, durable, and easy to install.

The 6-Light adjustable dimmable track light fixture has six bulb ports and three arms for sufficient illumination. You can rotate or adjust any of them to your preferred shape and position. You can fix the track light to the ceiling using a 360-degree rotatable lamp holder.

However, the shortfall of this product is that the bulbs’ total output is below 50W.  There is an additional cost of buying the GU10 LED bulb.

Main Features

  • Comes with no LED bulb
  • 3 adjustable arms and six lamp holders
  • Has a dimmer switch
  • Can use other types of the bulb (both dimmable and non-dimmable)
  • Output capacity of 300watts


  • Durable and Easy to Install
  • Supports a dimmable bulb and dimmer switch for altering the light intensity
  • Flexible lamp holder and arms
  • Very easy to install and wire.


  • Cost of buying GU10 LED bulb.
  • Has a limited capacity of less than 50watts.

3. DLLT Modern Track Lighting Kit, 4-Light

DLLT modern track lighting

This is high-quality and stylish track lighting with the shape of a square. This brand is the best adjustable product you can find in the market. It is made of nickel metal, doesn’t fade, and is resistant to corrosion. Its convenient and allow you to add GU 10bulbs of various types. You can also adjust the bulb from 3W to say 60W according to your preference. The lights and arms are also flexible to several angles, but the Code may be too short for wall installations.

DLLT modern Track Lighting Kit 4-light uses four 4*3W GU 10 based warm lights that illuminate for 50,000 hours. It’s the best track light for a kitchen because it saves up to 80% energy reducing the frequency of bulb replacement. It can lighten between 1-40wats bulbs. The total product wattage is 12 watts. There is provision for a replacement or refund of faulty Track Lighting Kit 4-light after purchase.

The disadvantage of choosing this track lighting fixture is that it’s not dimmable and it supports only LED bulbs.

Main Features

  • Lasts for 50,000 hours
  • 4 adjustable arms and lamp holder
  • Adjustable GU10 base bulb capacity
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Supports from 1-40Wbulbs
  • Total wattage of 12W
  • Color temperature


  • Durable and Easy to Install
  • Adjustable bulb, from 3W to 60 W
  • Saves energy and reduces the frequency of bulb replacement


  • Uses only LED bulbs.
  • Not Dimmable

4. XiNBEi Lighting Track Lighting 4 Light

best track lighting for kitchen

If you’re searching for a modern track light to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, this brand is the right one. XiNBEi lighting track lighting 4 light has 4 E26 socket that supports a variety of bulbs. It comes without bulbs and supports varieties of bulbs up to 60W. You can use  LED, halogen, or incandescent bulbs on it. XiNBEi lighting track lighting is S-shaped with a glass shield and a dimmable fixture.  This implies that you can use a compatible dimmable bulb and switch on it.

This light is a hardwired product with a year warranty from the manufacturer. The track lighting is usually 33-5/8″ wide and 6-3/8″33 high.  You can easily install it in your kitchen, bedroom, dining, entryways, and living areas. XiNBEi lighting track lighting 4 light has a simple but stylish best modern design with four flexible track heads.

However, the limitations of this product type include that it comes without any bulb and is for indoor purposes only.

Main Features

  • Hard wired with alabaster glass
  • Four E26 sockets.
  • Supports varieties of 60W bulbs for perfect lightning.
  • Medium base Sockets for corresponding 60watts R16 or A15 bulbs


  • 1-year functional warranty
  • Compatible with a variety of bulbs up to 60W capacity
  • Adjustable track heads.
  • Easy to install


  • For indoor use only
  • Comes with no bulb

5. DLLT 6-Light Flexible Track Lighting Rail

DLLT flexible track lighting for kitchen

This type of track lighting comprises three arms and a six-round-shaped E12 base that has a nickel color. Each of the three arms has two bulbs, and two of them are rotatable up to 350 degrees. It supports various types of bulbs like compact fluorescent, LED bulb, and incandescent bulbs. So, if you need a flexible track light to install in your kitchen, this model will fit your demands. 

DLLT 6-Light Flexible Track Lighting Rail has a maximum wattage of 40W. Aside from the kitchen, the track lighting can serve in the bedroom, living room, and dining. It’s a high-quality track light that is affordable and economical to use. You can adjust the 6 track heads to focus on different directions of your choice. It’s the most flexible type of track lighting for your kitchen.

The product is hardwired, easy to install, and uses a 5watt bulb. The manufacturer’s customer care supports after-sales services of replacement or refund of money.

The major setback with this track lighting fixture is that it’s not dimmable.

Main Features

  • Hard wired with glass shields
  • Six Nikel color E12  bulb base. 
  • Uses a variety of 5W bulbs


  • Uses 6 bulbs for brighter lightning
  • Compatible with a variety of bulbs
  • Adjustable track heads.
  • Easy to install


  • Doesn’t support dimmable bulbs.

6. Unicon LED 6 Light Track Lighting Kit

unicozin track lighting for kitchen

Unicozin LED 6 Light Track Lighting Kit is a modern metallic track light with matte nickel color. It consists of six GU10 LED bulbs of 4 watts each that produce daylight white or color temperature of 5000Kelvin. The track light has both traditional and industrial designs with rotatable heads. It’s highly rotatable; you can rotate them vertically by 90 degrees and horizontally by 270 degrees.

However, the track lighting light output is 400 lumen and a Color Rendering Index of 85 (CRI). This makes the product render a more accurate color of things within its range. In addition to servings as the best for your kitchen, the track lighting creates a fanciful aura in the bedroom. It has a very wide usage and is the best option for the bathroom, shop, hospital, and bar.

Unicon LED 6 Light Track Lighting Kit is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t fade. Its ETL certified and is the good track lighting for both indoor and dry areas. You can also install it on a sloped and arched or vaulted ceiling.

However, the challenging fact about the Unicon LED 6 Light Track Lighting Kit is that it’s non-dimmable.

Main Features

  • Hard wired with glass shields
  • 400-lumen lighting output
  • ETL certified
  • 5000K, six 4watts GU10 bulbs


  • Resistant to corrosion and doesn’t fade
  • Compatible with a variety of bulbs
  • High color temperature
  • Easy to install
  • For indoor and dry places.


  • It doesn’t have a dimmable feature.

7. Kiven 3-Lights H-Type Track Light

kiven pendent track lighting for kitchen

Kiven 3-Lights H-Type Track Light is a cone-shaped kitchen track lighting with three lights. The shade of the material is white-colored glass. The track lighting circuit supports either the Halo light or H type 3-wire-1 track system. It’s dimmable and allows you to use varieties of dimmable track heads according to your choice.

The track light has an adjustable wire length and is easy to install. It has a feature that allows you to turn the track light to 90 degrees in any direction you want. Kiven 3-Lights H-Type Track Light supports 60W LED or Incandescent bulb with a total output voltage of 110V. You can call it a pendant track because of its shape.

The limitation is that it is designed for indoor use only.

 Main Features

  • Has a dimmable feature
  • The output voltage of 110V
  • Supports 60Watts (Incandescent or LED)
  • Adjustable wire.
  • Has side arrows for adjusting the light dimensional adjustment to 90 degrees.


  • Compatible with a variety of bulbs
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with LED dimmers.


  • It’s only for indoor use.


  • What to consider before buying a track light for a kitchen?

Consider the lighting track type, where you want to use it, the flexibility, and the color temperature. It’s wise to also check the lamp life, which is the life span of the product and the efficiency.

  • Is track lighting good for a kitchen?

It performs excellently in the kitchens especially, with its combination of both useful and powerful lighting sources. Moreover, track lighting can accommodate many different decorative pendant options. These structures come with a wide range of choices that can virtually suit all lighting needs.

Also, you can actually construct it to fit the shape you want. You can suspend it, curve it, and bring it to any size you require for your kitchen’s full illumination. Track lighting allows you to bring a sense of symmetry and balance with the lighting in your kitchen. It can be distributed consistently along with your kitchen countertops by spacing the pendants evenly across the track.

  • Is track lighting in the kitchen outdated?

Generally, track lighting may not be a priority for an interior designer or homeowners. But it still gains attention and recommendation in modern-day interior design. The new fancy designs that emerge in the market currently contribute to its popularity and increased usage. Track lighting is flexible both in its looks and functionality; it’s also economical. 

  • What is the most common track lighting system?

 There are three common track lighting systems: Halo Track HT, Juno Track JT, and Lightolier Track System LT. The HT uses a 3-wire single circuit system. It’s very affordable and available as a lot of vendors sell the HT compatible system.

However, the Juno Track (JT) and the Lightolier Track (LT) systems are both 2 wire-wide single circuit systems.

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