8 Best Stained Glass Tiffany Style Flush Mount Ceiling Lights 2022(Tried & Tested)

best tiffany style flush mount ceiling lights

Finding the best-stained glass tiffany style flush mount ceiling light can be confusing as most Tiffany style lights come with a unique craft and style. But through this guide, you will definitely find the right one. Regarding flush mount ceiling light, there are different types of options and one of them is tiffany style. The tiffany style flush mount ceiling light gives a decorative and traditional look to the place. It increases the aesthetic beauty and that’s why tiffany style light is still very popular.

We have tested some of the best tiffany styles of flush mount lights from the market and as well as we have talked with some other users and took their feedback. By combining our experience and users’ experience, we have made this list. So you can rest assured by picking anyone from this list.

Best tiffany style flush mount ceiling light should be made of original handcrafted stained glass, needs to be vibrant and colorful with the gorgeous style of artwork, should have a good build quality and strong base and hardware with the easy installation process, and versatile in terms of bulb use like E26/27 Led, CFL, Incandescent and halogen.

What Is A Tiffany Style Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

The tiffany style flushes mount ceiling light is no different from the other flush mount ceiling light( flush mount ceiling light installed with the ceiling without giving any space between the light and ceiling) except for the tiffany style handcrafted stained glass lampshade. Tiffany style light is named after Louis comfort tiffany who invented the stained handcrafted style glass. Later a woman of this company named Clara Driscoll built the first tiffany lamp. named The tiffany style lamp was a part of the art nouveau movement(1890-1910).

What Is The Art Nouveau Movement?

The Art Nouveau Movement Is a decorative style of architectural applied art which was become popular from 1890 to 1910 across Europe and the United States. The tiffany style glass and lamp are also a part of this movement.

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How To Choose The Best Tiffany Flush Mount Ceiling Light

When choosing a tiffany style flush mount ceiling light there are a few key factors you need to consider. Firstly, you need to ensure that the tiffany stained lampshade is made of glass, not any plastic which looks like glass. Because the basic component of tiffany style light is handcrafted stained glass. The expensive price of the tiffany lights is mainly because of the handcrafted stained glass lampshade. So if it is not original glass, the value will not be the same and the light won’t look as beautiful and vibrant as an original tiffany stained glass light. All the lights on our list are 100% stained glass so you don’t need to be confused at all

Secondly, and we think most importantly the confusion is the style. Each tiffany ceiling light comes with a unique design and handcrafted glass shade. So you may find it difficult to choose one. Our recommendation for you is to choose a tiffany light that is vibrant in color, beautifully crafted, and most importantly suits your place. So the place you going to install it that is a major consideration. Pick the tiffany light whose design and stained glass shade attract you the most. We have listed the 8 best tiffany flush mount lights and each of them is unique either by the design of shape or stained glass. Most of the lights on our list are dome shape but unique in stained glass craft, Quoizel tiffany light has a square inglenook shape, Werfactory tiffany light is the only semi-flush mount here with uniquely pearl bead stained glass, etc.

Another important feature for consideration is size. You need to pick a light that fixes your ceiling and the room. So take the measurement of the ceiling and choose the light according to that.

The bulb type is a very key factor because none of these lights come with the included bulb so you have to buy the bulbs separately. Regarding bulbs, light that is flexible and suits most of the bulbs is a better choice. Most of the lights here are compatible with E26/27 halogen, led, CFL, and incandescent bulbs. So it gives you a wide range of options. Moreover, you can make these lights dimmable with a dimmer switch and bulb.

Lastly, the installation process and mounting hardware should be key decision-making factors. You should select a tiffany ceiling light that is well built with an easy installation process. Otherwise, you may face extra hassle in installation. Also if the built quality of the base plate and mounting hardware is poor then it may break easily and you may need to buy extra mounting hardware.

8 Best Tiffany Style Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Review

1. ARTZONE Tiffany Stained Glass Flush Mount Ceiling Light

ARTZONE tiffany flush mount ceiling light


  • Beautifully handcrafted tiffany style glass shade
  • 3 lights bulb socket
  • Dome shape
  • 16 inches wide and 4.7 inches in height
  • E26 40w bulb
  • 6.59 pounds weight
  • Compatible with led, CFL, and incandescent bulbs

This is a beautiful high-quality tiffany flush mount ceiling light from ARTZONE, ARTZONE is well-known for their top-quality tiffany style lights and this light is no different.

This tiffany style ceiling light looks amazing and gives colorful illumination with its colorful tiffany stained glass shade.

Like most of the lights on this list, this light fixture is a dome-style tiffany flush mount light. It measures 16 inches wide and 4.7 inches in height. It weighs 6.59 pounds.

The light is made of premium quality handcrafted Tiffany stained glass. It looks beautiful and illuminates vibrant colorful brightness.

Talking about bulbs, it supports E26 40w led, incandescent, and CFL bulbs. If you use LED, you can use high wattage bulb. But to get the maximum vibrant color, the incandescent bulb is highly recommended. In addition, you can make this light dimmable by using a compatible dimmer switch with bulbs.

The installation is not difficult at all. It comes with 3 clips to hold the shade with the canopy. It is a hardwired light and the installation process is instructed properly with a guide. You will be able to install it easily with a little bit of wiring experience.

This flush mount light is suitable for a wide range of places. From the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen, it suits most of the places. But it may not be as bright as you want as the only light in the entire space. So if you don’t have any other type of light without this, you may need to install more than one for getting enough brightness.

Our Experience

We absolutely loved this light. It is beautifully crafted with so produces a vibrant and colorful ambiance. Yes, not very bright as the only light source in the room but bright enough to give an elegant look for what it is used.

2. Cotoss Tiffany Style Flush Mount Ceiling Light

cotoss stained glass tiffany flush mount ceiling light


  • 100% handcrafted Tiffany stained glass
  • Classic look
  • Versatile use
  • 3 bulb socket
  • Support E26 40w incandescent, CFL, and led bulbs
  • 15.7 inches in width with 4.7 inches in tall

This Cotoss flush mount tiffany style ceiling light is quite similar to the first light in this list except for the uniquely designed Tiffany stained glass craft. This light fixture looks very gorgeous and vintage.

As the manufacturer claimed, this light is made from 100% stained glass and we have found it absolutely true when we tested it. It is a little bit heavy compared to other light fixtures on this list but that is because it has the best quality stained glass shade. Everything in this light is handmade and the glass shade is fully handcrafted. From cutting each glass piece and polishing them, all done by hand. Also, the welding was performed manually at a very high temperature by soldering tin to ensure the durable and strong joint of each piece of glass.

This light fixture is certainly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and will increase the beauty of your place. You can install it in any place of your home like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, etc.

The width of this light is 15.7 inches with 4.7 inches in height. Like the previous one, it also comes with a 3-light bulb design. You can use up to 40 wattages of LED, CFL, or incandescent bulbs. Though the E26 incandescent bulb is recommended, you can try other types as well.

Finally, the installation is easy. If you can’t fix it by following the guideline, simply contact the manufacturer. They are always very helpful and proactive to help.

OUR Experience

The light looks beautiful, a bit heavy but we found it high quality. Before we bought we tried a few reviews complaining the instructions of installing is not clear and confusing. But we found it pretty simple and easy. Other than that, all looks pretty perfect in this light.

3. Kira Home Flush Mount Tiffany Style Ceiling Light

Kira Home tiffany flush mount ceiling light


  • Beautiful and unique dragonfly Tiffany style pattern
  • Unique and stylish
  • 2 light bulbs base
  • Great customer support.
  • Made in the USA
  • UL listed
  • Works with incandescent, led, and CFL bulbs
  • 60w bulb
  • 16 inches in diameter and 3.25 inches in height

This tiffany style ceiling light is from Kira Home, a USA-based company located in California. It has a dragonfly tiffany pattern design which makes this light unique and more attractive than the rest of the lights on our list. All the colors of the shade are pretty distinctive and have clear differences making it even more attractive.

This light comes with 2 light bulb settings compatible with CFL, LED, or Incandescent bulbs. Note that the maximum wattage limit is 60 but for using led bulbs, you can use more wattage bulbs. Additionally, you can make it dimmable by using the dimmable bulb and dimmer switch.

It has a 16-inch width and 5.75-inch ceiling height with a 3.25-inch shade height. The sleek black finish makes the light more gorgeous and perfect for any place like the hallway, bedroom, living room, corridor, entryway, foyer, etc.

The Kira Home is a popular company for producing tiffany style lights and lamps and they ensure maximum quality. The light is UL listed to ensure dry location safety. the company gives great customer support and you will get a 1-year warranty for any issue in the light.

Finally, this tiffany style flush ceiling light is the perfect solution for a stylish and decorative ceiling light for you.

Our Experience

We are happy with the quality of this light. It looks amazing, stylish, and unique. Before making our purchase we read a few reviews and most of the users are very happy with this light. One user mentioned that it is not bright enough. We tried a 60w led bulb and it has brightened the whole living room perfectly.

4. Quoizel Tiffany Style Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Quoizel tiffany flush mount ceiling light


  • Square shape inglenook tiffany light
  • Geometric art tiffany style
  • ELT rated for wet location
  • 120w(2 x 60w)
  • Can be dimmable with a dimmer switch and bulb
  • Unique and stylish
  • Both indoor and outdoor use

In the lighting industry, Quoizel means high quality, this inglenook tiffany style ceiling light from Quoizel proves that again.

This tiffany style ceiling light is a bit unique and quite different compared to the previous 3 lights on this list. This is a square shape ceiling light with an Inglenook design that makes it perfect for decorating any indoor or outdoor space.

Quoizel makes unique tiffany style lighting with geometric style handcrafted glass craft design which is unique compared with other brands. That is why Quoizel tiffany style ceiling light has exclusive appeal to the user.

You can install this ceiling light in both indoor and outdoor places. This stunning handcrafted unique design ceiling light will increase the beauty of your outdoor place like the porch, foyer, garage, etc. It is ETL-rated light for wet locations making it perfect for the outdoor space. It will also look great in indoor places like the living room, dining room, hallway, etc.

The height is only 6 inches and the width is 11 inches making it suitable for any kind of ceiling. The weight of this light fixture is 2.09 kilograms.

Regarding the light bulb, it is a 2 bulb light fixture, it supports the A19 bulb at a maximum of 60w. So 2 bulbs of 60w in total 120w max. As it comes with the E26 socket, it supports led, halogen, CFL, and incandescent bulbs. More importantly, you can make this light dimmable with the use of a dimmer switch and bulbs.

The construction of this light is combined with steel and bronze finish with tiffany stained glass shade. The steel and bronze construction covers all the bodies of the light making it strong and durable to withstand extreme outdoor weather.

The instruction is a bit tricky according to a user. But we find no problem to install, you can simply install it with the mounting screws with minimum wiring experience.

5. Skyweel Tiffany Style Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Skyweel flush mount tiffany style ceiling light


  • Vintage country style tiffany ceiling light
  • Fully handcrafted tiffany style stained glass
  • 12-inch width and 7-inch height
  • Vibrant illumination
  • E26 bulb base
  • 3 bulb socket

This vintage tiffany style flushes mount light from Skywell looks very stunning. It has the antique-style tiffany stained glass design which gives you a classic old-school vibe. Compared with the previous lights in this list, this is a smaller light fixture, with a width of only 12 inches and 7 inches in height.

The design of this ceiling light is a standout. The combination of white with green leaves and pink petals makes the light very vibrant and each color comes out beautifully with the cool white illumination perfectly. This American country and European tiffany style stained glass art totally justify the look of this light. It is a full glass handcrafted light, giving classic look for any place.

It comes with 3 light sockets that support E26 bulbs. We want to recommend you to use cool white led bulbs to get maximum beautiful and vibrant illumination. But if you use the incandescent bulb, we suggest using 30w bulbs.

In terms of application, this is a very versatile light useable in the living room, balconies, foyers, restaurants, kitchen bedroom, etc. But some of the users complain about the quality and mention that the light came broken with the broken light socket. But those are very rare incidents. Most of the users are very amazed by the quality of this tiffany flush mount light.

6. LITFAD Tiffany Style Dome Flush Mount Ceiling Light

LITFAD tiffany style flush mount ceiling light


  • Traditional romantic tiffany style light
  • Beautiful brass finish
  • Colorful tiffany design lampshade
  • Support E27/E27
  • 5-inch height, 12 inches wide
  • 40w limit per bulb
  • 3 light bulb design

The Litfad tiffany style dome ceiling light looks very colorful and decorative and has a golden brass finish with ring shape design. The light fixture looks absolutely beautiful with an antique vibe and handcrafted Tiffany stained glass shade.

It will surely increase the beauty of your bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, bar, restaurant, hotel lobby, etc. So if you want to add glamour and vintage design to your light, you can surely consider this light.

It comes with 3 light features (though the bulbs are not included), you can use led, Incvendesent, CFL, and halogen bulbs in this light. The maximum wattage for each bulb is 40 and it supports both E26/27 bulbs. Moreover, the height and width of light are 5 inches and 12 inches. you can make this light dimmable like the previous 4 lights on the list by adding a dimmer switch and bulbs. The total weight of this light is 2.5kg. The voltage is 110-120v.

With all the positives, it has some drawbacks as well. Some of the users aren’t very impressed with the build quality of this light. Some of them are not happy with the mounting hardware as it is not a crossbar or screw setup installation so you need to screw it into the ceiling. there is no box for the attachment. Also, according to some users, it doesn’t feel like real stained glass but rather plastic.

However, still it looks very beautiful and elegant to be a part of this list.

7. ARTZONE Tiffany Flush Mount Ceiling Light

ARTZONE tiffany stained glass flush mount ceiling light


  • Vintage pattern tiffany style stained glass
  • Compatible with LED, CFL, and Incandescent bulbs
  • 16-inch width and 4.7-inch height
  • Easy hardwired installation
  • 3 E26 lights setup 120w(40*3)

This is another gorgeous tiffany flush mount ceiling light from ARTZONE. This Artzone tiffany style flush-mount ceiling can increase the beauty of your home with the eye-catchy tiffany style colored design. It is beautifully crafted with a stunning design. It will increase the aesthetic and traditional looks of your house. You can use this light in the bedroom, hallway, stairway, kitchen foyer, etc to make the look of your house decorative and appealing. It has 5 more different colors and designs. You can pick anyone from them. Also, it is a good value for money compared to other tiffany style ceiling lights.

It has the signature stained glass tiffany style design with the width of this light being 16 inches and the height being 4.5 inches. This is a 3 light bulb fixture. keep in mind that the bulbs are not included and need to buy separately. You can use an LED, incandescent, or CFL bulb with a maximum wattage of 120. That means 40 wattages for each bulb. Though the manufacturer recommended Insendesent blub, some users are using led bulbs and getting more brightness than the incandescent bulb.

The installation is not complicated at all, just follow the guideline. As a flush mount tiffany light, it is a versatile light and can be used in various places as closet lights, and low ceilings and it collects less dust compared to semi-flush mount lights.

Few users complained that this light is dim and not bright enough. This can happen because of low-lumen light bulbs. If you use 3 bulbs each of them 40 wattage, it will give enough brightness to illuminate the place perfectly.

8. WERFACTORY Semi-Flush Mount Tiffany Ceiling Light

WERFACTORY tiffany style semi flush mount ceiling light


  • Semi-flush mount tiffany ceiling light
  • Designed with crystal pearl bead
  • Antique bronze lamp base
  • 1.8-kilogram weight
  • UL listed
  • 12-inch width and 11 inches tall
  • 2 E26 bulb base

This is the only semi-flush mount tiffany style ceiling light on this list and it is worth the recommendation. So if you are looking for a semi-flush mount option, this is it. This WERFACTORY semi-flush mount ceiling light looks great and unique compared to other flush mount ceiling lights we have listed here.

This amber tiffany semi flush mount ceiling light is designed with crystal pearl pill which makes it so gorgeous and luxurious. It reflects beautiful crystal light through the pearl added with stained tiffany glass combined making the light modern and stylish. It comes with a metal iron bronze lamp base which increases the royal elegant look of this light fixture.

This light fixture is very versatile in terms of uses and can be used in dining, living room, bedroom, foyer, kitchen, hotel lobby, restaurant, etc. The height and width are 11 inches and 12 inches with a 6-inch base.

It has a 2 E26 bulb base, led G45 4-8w warm white led bulbs is ideal. if you use the incandescent bulb, it will make the light fixture hot. Also, for making the light vibrant and bright through the pearl, the led bulb is a perfect choice.

Additionally, this light is UL listed so there is no doubt about safety. It weighs about 1.8 kg which is not very heavy considering the amber-stained tiffany glass shade.

The installation can be a little confusing. So if you don’t have enough experience, it’s better to hire an electrician. Moreover, one user mentioned that the base and hardwire were of poor quality with a thin base plate. But all the users are very pleased with how beautiful the light fixture looks and they all are very happy with this semi flush mount tiffany ceiling light.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tiffany Style Lights


Tiffany style light gives a very beautiful aesthetic ambiance to the place. It increases the overall beauty and gives a traditional royal ambiance. But it has some disadvantages as well.


Though tiffany style light looks very beautiful and royal, it is expensive compared to other types of lights. Also, installing the tiffany style ceiling light is a bit tricky as they are often quite heavy and fragile. Moreover, the cleaning process of the tiffany lights is complex and needs to be extra careful as they can break easily.

Most importantly, tiffany style lights don’t give as much brightness as other types of lights. The tiffany style flush mount ceiling lights use more for decorative purposes rather than brightness. So you need to install other lights in the room to get enough brightness.

Last Word

Hopefully, you have got the best suitable tiffany flush mount ceiling light as your prepared style. Tiffany style light is still very popular and is going to stay popular for a long period of time. It still gives a traditional and royal ambiance and going to be the same in the upcoming days.

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