8 Best Remote Control Ceiling Lights 2022( Tried & Tested)

best remote control ceiling lights

The biggest advantage of remote control ceiling lights is you can turn them on, off, or dim the ceiling lights anywhere in your home from your comfort zone without reaching the switch. This removes the burden of moving around to different locations of the switches in different rooms.

The remote control ceiling light is getting very popular these days because it gives you the privilege to control your ceiling light without moving from your place whether you are laying in the bed or watching a movie on your sofa. Also, it helps to save your electricity bill. Because sometimes you may feel lazy to leave the bad and switch off the light switch, but remote control system you can do in from your bed. More importantly, you may need different brightness for different situations like when you want to sleep, you may prefer a very low brightness. So remote control lighting gives you the advantage of doing all these with ease.

While choosing remote control ceiling lights consider the ones you can install easily, have at least 20 feet remote range, come with dimmable function, and shine brighter with at least 1500 lumens for adequate brightness.

8 Best Remote Control Ceiling Lights Review

1. DLLT Led Round Close Modern Ceiling Light with Remote

DLLT Led Round Close Modern Ceiling Light with Remote

This flush mount remote control ceiling light comes from the reputable manufacturer DLLT, which produces top-quality lighting at an affordable price. You can perform all the functions through the remote control system of this light. The light looks very stylish and beautiful with the closed round and hollow design.

You can easily change the brightness and color temperature of this light with the remote control.

You can enjoy more natural lighting within my home from the color temperature range. The lights feature three light colors that I could change anytime. Using the remote control, you can select natural light, warm light, and white light represented by3,000K, 4,000K, and 6,000K, respectively. I love that I can operate the remote control from anywhere and won’t need to point it directly to the fixture.

The natural light gives you a feel of the true colors and settings of objects within the lighting surrounding. You can make the room warmer with warm light, especially if the weather is quite cool or humid. In addition, the white lights will enhance the focusing ability of your eyes and make your surroundings to be more aesthetically beautiful.

It has a brightness of about 2,800 lumens which will eliminate blurs and shadows. Moreover, the light is dimmable through remote control. So when you want a less brilliant shine, you can conveniently dim the light using the remote control. The dimming range is between 5% to 100% brightness, creating different scenes to suit your mood. But you can’t use a dimmer switch to control the brightness. The brightness is only controllable by remote.

Also, it comes with 5 seconds memory function. So if you switch on the light after 5 seconds of switching off, the lighting will auto-set to the previous color.

It is a mercury-free light. This is better than those lights that emit mercury as they shine or when they break. Hence, you are protected from mercury effects like the tremor of the eyelids, discoloration of the lens and cornea, or disturbances of the extraocular muscles. Also, this light produces glare-free illumination with a natural ambiance.

The installation of the light is very easy. It follows a simple surface mounting process that you can even engage in a DIY to complete within a few minutes. The only thing to note is that its outer rim won’t stay flush with the ceiling. So, it’s suitable for external wiring.

Confirming the ease of installation, one of the users said, “I love this light for its super easy installation process and function with remote control. In addition, it gives me the perfect and refreshing brightness in my launch room.”

A drawback of this product comes from the complaints of some users is the plastic light cover is a bit flimsy and often comes with crake. Also, a few users complain that the light has stopped working after a couple of days and flashing again and again. Some also have complained about the disturbance of remote control. But these are rare incidents and the light is our top pick for high-quality, energy-efficient remote control ceiling light.

Key Specification

  • 2800 lumen
  • 3-light color changeable
  • upto 85% energy save
  • Color temperature of 3,000K – 6,000K
  • Dimmable with remote control (5% – 100%)

2.DLLT LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light With Remote Control

DLLT LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light With Remote Control

Here let’s talk about another flush mount closed round remote control ceiling light from DLLT. This light has a lot of similarities with the previous DLLT light except this one is a little small than the previous light also there are differences in design and features.

This light is an updated version of the same light that wasn’t dimmable. Using the remote control, you can dim the brightness to several levels from 20%-100% of illumination to create different scenes. For instance, if you use light in the bedroom, excessive brightness might hinder your sleep. So, with the remote, you can dim the lights to the level you like and sleep calmly. But you can’t use a dimmer switch to do so.

Moreover, you can get 3 changeable lighting color temperature options with a range of 3,000K to 6,000K through both remote control and wall switch. The light produces natural light, warm light, and white light that will satisfy your lighting purposes. For instance, If the lights are installed in the living room or bedrooms, you can use the warm white color because it is soft and relaxing. But when in the bathroom or kitchen, choose the natural light color. For cool white color, use such for work surfaces.

Also, there is a night light setting that could produce a dark effect when the atmosphere is too shiny and bright.

Another aspect I found interesting is the energy-saving capacity of the ceiling light. The LED chips are always better than halogen lamps because they can save up to 85% more than them. So, you can be sure to get the 50,000 hours of diffused light the manufacturers promised. Compared to other lights, LED lights not only save energy and reduce your electricity bills, but they also are environmentally friendly.

One of the setbacks for the light is that fixing any problem with the LED bulbs or driver could be quite difficult. It’s a lot easier to replace the fixture entirely. Another user reported that the bulbs, which are supposed to last longer, occasionally die in his home. So, he found it difficult trying to fix it but ended up making a replacement.

I completely love that the lightings have no humming sound. Their operations are completely noiseless, giving a quiet and attractive atmosphere in your building. Other notable features include the memory function and the uniformity of the light illumination.


  • Memory function
  • 12 months quality assurance.
  • 2,400 Lumens
  • Dimmable and color changanle with remote
  • Nickel-brushed closed round finish

3. Garwarm remote control Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Garwarm remote control Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Garwarm produces fancy modern lighting. This Modern Chandelier ceiling light offers you a stylish design with its acrylic 5-headed leaves that produces fashionable lighting. The modern appearance is very beautiful and attractive. If you are looking for a fancy flush mount chandelier with remote control for your bedroom or drawing room, this light is a very good choice.

As a dimmable light, you can adequately control the brightness and color temperatures with the remote control. Moreover, the remote control gives you great convenience in controlling and adjusting the light to suit your mood and purpose. You have options of changing the color to get neutral light, warm light, and white light. I love using the warm light in the bedroom and living room but use the cool white to illuminate any work surface where adequate brightness is necessary.

The neutral light creates a conducive lighting atmosphere that is suitable for your family and friends during relaxations. With the warm light, you will turn the atmosphere is a more warming and comfortable setting. The white light will give you the right illuminance for studying, learning, reading, or working.

By using these Garwarm lights, I discovered they are energy efficient. The lights inculcate LED chips that help to save energy to about 80% more than ordinary halogen or incandescent ceiling lamps. Besides, its lifespan of the light rate is up to 50,000 hours. This gives you an equivalence of over 10 years when you are using the light on an average of 3 to 5 hours daily.

I love how easy it was to install the lights. The light fixture comes with the completed internal wiring of its lamp body. So, you will just have to splice the body of the lamp and connect the wires. Then, finish the installation by fixing the wires to the ceiling lamp. It follows simple steps that are worth trying out. However, with any confusion, you can contact customer support through the mail for directions.

The light looks very well built with the combination of aluminum and acrylic coated by power polishing. So, it shouldn’t take an easy scratch. The manufacturer claimed the light is anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant, and easy to clean.

The major complaint from users of the light is on its installation instruction and videos that are quite confusing. A user mentioned that the video is focusing on a pre-wired installation while what he has is not so. Also, another complained of having shorter screws that couldn’t fit in his ceiling. But he ended up buying the right screws for his installation. few users also complain that the light has stopped working properly after a few days with flashes. Some users also complain about the difficulty to reach to manufacturer’s company for help.

Despite that Garwarm light as a modern light is very versatile with a wide application in several settings. You can install it in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, halls, dining rooms, offices, restaurants, and others. Its distinctive leaf-shaped lamp gives the light a combination of romantic, comfortable, relaxing, and appealing effects for different room light settings.


  • 110 volts
  • 5-headed leaf-shaped lamps.
  • Dimmable remote control
  • Color temperature of 3,000K – 6,500K
  • 80% enery saves
  • Very stylish

4. Oeegoo Led Flush Mount RGB Ceiling Light With Remote

Oeegoo Led Flush Mount RGB Ceiling Light With Remote

Are you looking for minimalist modern ceiling lighting with a remote control that has RGB color-changing feature? If yes, then this Oeegoo RGB Led light will give you that. This light can deliver a spicier lighting effect that could influence and match different scenarios with remote control.

It has two lighting systems, one is the front light and another is the backlight. You can use both singly or together.

Oeegoo backlight is the RGB lighting with a modern lighting effect. It includes 7 RGB colors that you can select with the remote control. These colors are great choices that will liven different scenarios and events such as Christmas, movie nights, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, cocktail parties, and others. However, the brightness of the RGB backlight is not dimmable.

The front light provides dimmable brightness. Using the remote control, you can dim the brightness to suit your mood and purpose of use. The adjustment is between 10% to 100% brightness. So, when you want to sleep or create a romantic atmosphere, you can dim the lights to the level you want.

Also, its color temperature has three changeable options that range from 3.000K to 6.500K. You can remote select the warm light that is perfect for bedroom mood to warm up the atmosphere and produce a romantic illuminance at 3,000K. The neutral light will suit the living room settings as it creates a relaxing and fun-filled atmosphere for family and friends. Finally, the cold white light gives you the right atmosphere that is suitable for study rooms with the brightness for reading, learning, and intense work.

Furthermore, this light is a Smart 3-in-1 ceiling light. It has the Night Lamp-Timing -Memory Function capacity. Through the front light dimmable, you will get the night lamp mode when your dimming is at 10% brightness. This gives you the comfort of creating a good sleep setting even during the peak of day time.

But one complaint I have about this light is that the illumination on the ceiling is not exiting. The surrounding wall areas of the ceiling will not be very bright. You might not like the overcast sky appearance it will present. So, think about this a bit so you don’t expect the light shine at the upper sides of the walls around it.

Moreover, the light maintains 30 seconds timing delay before turning off. This makes it possible for you to get a comfortable position before it goes and darkness takes over. This is quite helpful in locating your way assuming you decided to operate with the switch.

The design of the light is IP40 dust-proof. This helps to specially protect the light from the invasion of dust particles that can distort the beam of the light. Hence you are sure of consistent brightness. You can easily clean the light for proper maintenance. Also, it’s mosquito-proof and so mosquitoes or other insects are kept at bay from the light.

I love the installation of this Oeegoo RGB Led light. It is very easy, and anyone can complete the process easily. All you have to do is complete the nuts white-white, green-copper, and black-black.


  • 7 RGB colors with remote control
  • IP40 dust-proof
  • 2,400 Lumens
  • 24 months warranty
  • Color temperature of 3,000K – 6,500K
  • 2 lighting system
  • Very thin design

5. BIGLIGHT LED Remote Controlled Battery Operated Wireless Ceiling Light

BIGLIGHT LED Remote Controlled Battery Operated Wireless Ceiling Light

Sometimes it’s not easy to install hardwired lighting everywhere in the house. That’s where battery-operated light comes to play. They are very easy to install and remove and work very well for closet lights. So if you are looking for battery-powered ceiling light with remote control, this BIGLIGHT ceiling light is your perfect option. This light doesn’t require electricity like the other lights in this review.

These lights require 3C-cell batteries as a power source which you need to buy separately. They usually run for 100 hours. Each light comes with 180 lumens. So each set there is 300 lumens which are enough for a closet in the corridor.

The remote control is a handy tool for the operation of the light. It has 24 functioning keys for choosing 12 colors with 4 lighting moods. You can easily set, change or fade the color with the remote. The light modes are Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth. The maximum operating distance for the remote of 20 feet. Also, you can adjust the brightness of the light using the dimmer buttons of the remote to create any suitable brightness as your want.

This remote control system will help you to save energy as there is a timmer button on the remote and you can set the time of switching off the lighting even if you fall asleep or go somewhere else. This offers you the opportunity of setting automatic turning off with 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours with the remote control.

With the Flash mode, the light just flashes intermittently. The Strobe function will give you a short flash of light that is also intense. In this mode, you can alternate the different light color changes that are suitable for house or cocktail parties. The Fade mode will produce a light effect that will gradually decrease in its intensity. This effect is quite suitable for your bedroom. The Smooth mode gives you’re a cool steading lighting.

A user was awed at the flashing options and the numerous color options. According to him, the light works perfectly in the living room and produces adequate brightness during the night, even without adding any other light in the room.

I was excited to discover that the BIGLIGHT ceiling light is very easy to install. You can mount it both on wood ceilings or the wall. With the provided screws, the mounting process is quite simple to complete. All you need is a ¼ drill bit and open the place for the light.

The major complaint about this light is they are expensive to use. As they are battery-powered, the battery won’t last long if you use them on full brightness for a long period of time each day. The  3 C-batteries cost around $9, so ultimately using these lights will be expensive over the period of time. Another issue is that the light might not be adequate to illuminate an average-sized room. So you can use it with another light or night light for a little ambiance. Also, you can use multiple lights to create adequate brightness.


  • Timmer function
  • 12 changeable colors
  • 4 lighting modes
  • Dimmable remote controlled
  • Each light 180 Lumens

6. Ganeed Modern Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light with Remote

Ganeed Modern Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light with Remote

Let’s talk about another contemporary fancy flush mount chandelier light fixture that comes with remote control. It looks very stylish and premium light fixture. This Ganeed Modern chandelier ceiling light comes with a creative contemporary style that depicts elegance and a fashionable approach to lighting.

It comes with a 4 circle design made with a gold color aluminum frame. The lampshades are made of crystal and acrylic. This light fixture gives a very exotic look wherever you install it irrespective of a bedroom, dining, living room, office, etc.

The remote control works fine with the light and you can both dim the brightness and change the color temperature with the remote control. But you can’t dim or change the color through the switch, as this fixture doesn’t support any dimmer. You only can do these with remote control.

It comprises 4 circles of LED lighting heads made with iron ceiling plates. This accounts for its high quality as they are long last and resistant to corrosion. So, you can use the light even in a humid environment. Moreover, it has high longevity as it can last for over 50, 000 hours.

The light offers a brilliant and soft brightness that will satisfy your different lighting moods. The LED lighting sources that shine with over 3,600 lumens maintain even light distribution without any shadowy effects. The wattage at 168W means high power consumption which might not go easy with your electricity bills.

I love that the light is user-friendly. Being mercury-free, it poses no health risks through mercury emission to the atmosphere. Bear this in mind, mercury causes a lot of health hazards such as cornea discoloration, or eyelids tremors. Being dimmable, you can only adjust the brightness using its remote control to protect your eyes and brain. Also, the no-flickering feature helps in this as well.

There are 3 changeable colors that range from 3,000K to 6,500K. The remote control enables you to select the colors which are warm light (3,000K), neutral light (4,000K), and cool white light (6,500K). You can use the warm light that provides a romantic and warm setting for your bedroom. The neutral light is perfect for relaxing or watching TV in the living room. The cool white offers your study room a clear and bright light for working, reading, or learning.

But a user complained about its installation. One of them said, “There is a need to screw the bracket to the ceiling as you just attach the junction box.” Also, he complained of the flimsiness of the light plate where the rings are set.


  • 168W capacity
  • 4 rings shaped
  • Dimmable with remote control
  • Color temperature of 3,000K – 6,500K

7. Oeegoo Flush Mount Square shape ceiling light with remote

Oeegoo Flush Mount Square shape ceiling light with remote

If you are looking for a square shape RGB ceiling light with remote control, this light is the best choice for you. This light also comes with dimmable and color-changing facilities with a remote control like others. You can change the brightness of the light from 10% to 100% with the remote. Also, you can change the color temperature from 3000k to 6000k. There are 7 different colors along with 2 breathing mood colors for giving your maximum variety to meet your requirements for different events such as festivals and parties.

You can control all the features with the remote control. But remember you can’t change the brightness of the color lights. Also, you can’t use a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness. You only can do that through the remote control.

The Oeegoo lighting lamps are manufactured with high-quality PC material that is fireproof. This protects your home from cases of overheating and fire outbreaks as the material ensures good heat dissipation. Also, its manufacturing material ensures the light fixture is drop resistant. So, it’s highly durable.

With its non-flickering character, the light maintains good eye-caring protection for you. This saves you from some ocular complications that normally result from flickering light sources. Moreover, the light has a lifespan of over 30,000 hours. You won’t require frequent replacing of bulbs that are applicable to lower lights. Hence, it’s a good lighting option that helps you to save.

The brightness is powered by its 18W capacity that shines with over 1,800 lumens. This gives an average of 100LM/W which is higher than most brands of its capacity. Moreover, its 18W capacity produces light of equivalence of 150W which you in saving over 85% in electricity bills.

As a smart LED light, the Oeegoo ceiling light features a memory function that ensures the retaining of its last setting. This is possible when you turn on the light for over 1 minute or turn it off over 10 seconds. You should note that the light will lose its memory function with frequent switching of the light. Also, you might not like that using the switch will change all the settings. So there will always be an inconvenience to keep it switch On while you use the remote to operate the ON/OFF commands. 

But I love the 30-second delay before it goes off. This feature protects users’ especially elder, pregnant women, and children from slipping in the dark. So, once you switch it off, you have at least 30 seconds to reach a safe place or pick an alternative light.

What’s more, installing the light is easy to complete. It has simple steps and an instructional guide that is very helpful for a DIY. Finally, the light has an IP54 protection rating. This means that it’s water-proof, dust-proof, and insect-proof.  Its quality is assured by ROHS and FCC.


  • GB with 7 colors
  • IP54 protection rating
  • 1,800 Lumens
  • Memory function
  • 3,000K – 6,500K color temperature

8. HOREVO Bluetooth Speaker Music Ceiling Light with Remote

If you love music and would want to enjoy Bluetooth functionality with the lighting through remote control, this HOREVOceiling light is suitable for it. This light is an updated version of this previous model which wasn’t a remote control. Designed with dual control, you can operate it with either its remote control or the wall switch. The remote control gives you the convenience of accessing the different functionalities of the light without moving around to switch locations. So, staying on your bed, you can enjoy the illuminating effects or its music operations.

The light inculcates a music rhythm mode. Once you connect your Bluetooth, you play and enjoy your favorite music and podcasts through the light speakers. By using the remote control, you can the light to change with the music rhythm and volume. The music rhythm mode of the light offers you the opportunity to organize parties and dances with good lighting effects in your home. In this mode, the light color changes with the music rhythm while the brightness changes with the music volume.

You can select different colors of light for your suitable mood using the remote. Some of the light colors include the warm light that is best in warming and creating a romantic atmosphere, especially within your bedroom. There is the neutral light that gives you’re a comfortable and relaxing lighting mood for living rooms.

Also, you can get the cold white light that shines with brilliant illuminance, leaving no shadowy or blurry images. This is suitable for areas for reading and concentrated works such as your study room. Moreover, you can get night light that creates the right atmosphere to rest or sleep during the daytime.

Most of the users commend the Bluetooth speaker as one of the major reasons for getting the light. To some, it’s a great light to have in your bathroom as you could listen to music while taking your bath.

However, there are some complaints about the connection of the Bluetooth. A user said, “I always have challenges with the Bluetooth connection. When it connects, it will disconnect in a few seconds, saying not connected. Even when I unpair and reconnect it again, the problem persists.”

Its installation is easy and can be in two ways. You can mount it as a ceiling lamp where it fits well into your ceiling on a semi flushed surface. Also, you can install the light as a socket pendant lamp. It comes with a detachable standard E27 socket that provides the needed assistance for a DIY installation.

Additionally, this Upgrade ceiling light is IP65 protection rated. It operates as water-proof and dust-proof light. This ensures protection against water splash and dusty environment, making it easy for you to clean. Hence, the light is suitable for even bathrooms, patio, and corridors.


  • RGB
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Music with lamp
  • 2 way instalation
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker

Buying Guide for Remote Control Ceiling Lights

  • Remote Range

While choosing the remote control ceiling light you must check the range the remote control can cover. The remote control should offer at least 20 remote control ranges. Also, the remote control should work from any direction, not just need to be pointed towards the ceiling light.

  • Brightness and Wattage

The wattage of light is a measure of the quantity of electrical energy that it uses for illumination. The wattage for ceiling light can vary on the basis of the types of bulb and room size. On the other hand, brightness, among other factors, depends on the amount of power that flows to the light source or the number of lumens in the case of LED light bulbs.

However, with LED bulbs, you may have to use lower wattages since the led bulbs can produce more lumens that will enhance the brightness of the light. The ceiling light should have an adequate lumen for brightness of at least 1500.

  • Color

The color temperature of the light is measured in Kelvin (K) temperature. The best color range for ceiling lights is 3,000K to 6,000K.

From 2700K to 3500K, you can get warm light. If the color temperature is from 6000K to 7000K you, are getting what we know as cool light. Anything between these numbers is called natural or daylight lights. The warm white is good for your living room or bedroom. The natural color is good for bathrooms and kitchen, while the cool whites are great for hospitals and commercial areas. All the lights I have reviewed come with changeable multiple color temperatures.

  • The Room measurement and ceiling height. 

Your consideration will include the width and length of the room you want to fix the light. This will help you to calculate the correct brightness for the light fixture based on the wattage and lumens that it produces. Where the space is too large, you can have to install more than one pack of lighting fixtures.

You must get the height of the ceiling during your room measure. With high ceilings, the best lighting options are chandeliers and pendant lights. But you can use either flush or semi-flush light fittings for low ceilings, which are prominent in most modern buildings.

  • Power Source

There are both electric-powered and battery-operated ceiling lights available in the market. The battery-powered ceiling light is very convenient for places where you can’t hardwire an electrically powered ceiling light or it’s difficult to hardwire there. But if you’re comfortable changing the batteries, then there’s no problem. But when you consider the inconvenience of changing them, you might opt for the corded ceiling lights. But the battery-powered lights are less bright compared to electric-powered lights and you can’t use them permanently as the main light source in rooms. They are often used for small places and under cabinets.


  • Why use remote control ceiling light?

Remote control ceiling light helps you to on, off, dim the lighting through a remote without reaching to switch. It’s a smart way to control the lighting without taking fatigue of walling to research for the switches in different places in your home.

  • How does a remote control light switch work?

A remote control light switch comprises a switch and wireless antenna. Through its installation, the wireless switch is fixed on a wall, and a press of the button sends a signal to the antenna to either turn on or off the light.


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